Another Slacker Quiz Thingy Post

Stolen from Jenny’s Facebook note:
Hi, my name is:
Anna/Monkey/Fodder/BananaWhen I’m nervous:
I bite my lip.

The last song I listened to was:
The Safeway theme song… gogo terrible music at work. Can’t wait for Christmas and Safeway Christmas carols!

I have a hard time understanding:

This Morning:
What is a “morning”?

Last night I was talking to:
Dante, Stringbeans, Simon, Evilteddy, PhishTaco.

A better name for me would be:
My name is awesome (not literally), there is no better name for me.

Monday night I’ll be…?
Working. =(

My heart:
Belongs to Santa Claus.


Were you a planned baby?
Let’s not go there. =/

Were your parents married when you were born?


Your Parents:
At least this didn’t say, “Your mum”. I don’t know what it’s asking. =/

Are you an only child?
No, two sisters, one brother. T_T

Do you have step-parents?


Do you have low self esteem?
On occasion.

Do you get depressed about things easily?

Are you happy right now?
Javascipt is a terrible, terrible language! Otherwise, I am happy.


Are you comfortable with the way you look?

Describe your hair:
Long, messy, like a mop. >_>

Were you a strange child?
I was and still am! Yes, I still think of myself as a child, if only the people who sold movie tickets agreed.


Are you scared of growing up old & alone?
Yes. =/

Own any pets?
Lots of goldfish, good Feng Shui apparently.

Ever been kicked out of a bar?
No, though someone I was with nearly was (he was really sleepy, so I think the staff thought he was intoxicated).


Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?
Indoors. Unless it is a swimming pool, then I prefer outdoors.

Favorite season?

Do you like walking in the rain?
I love it, it smells and sounds so very awesome. I would like it more if I didn’t wear glasses, as raindrops tend to stick on your glasses and make it hard to see. But I love the feeling of being completely soaked.

Do you like thunderstorms?
They’re pretty to look at for a bit, but then I get bored.


Are you a vegetarian?
I’ve tried to be a vegetarian, but I love burgers too much. Maybe I’ll be a “Greek vegetarian” and eat lamb burgers (My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference, if you didn’t get that).

Anything you absolutely could eat forever?
Heinz Big Red Tomato chips – too bad it has been discontinued. =(

What is your favorite dessert?


When did you start noticing the opposite sex?
In terms of knowing they exist, I guess as far back as I can remember. In terms of knowing they exist and feeling attracted to them, Year 10 – I know, so late and it’s terrible. T_T

Do you want to get married?
Not particularly – long story. =/

Do you believe your first love never dies?


1. Do you drink?
On occasion.

2. Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks?

3. Who’s the last person that came to your house?
Sharon, to give us moon cakes (yum!).

4. Miss someone?
Yes, but 50 days until he arrives! =) Well, technically he arrives on Christmas Eve, so 49 days.

5. How’s your ex doing?
They all seem relatively happy to me. Except YN, I haven’t talked to him in a while.

6. Is there someone you want to fight?
Yes! I want to fight the person who created Javascript. OMG, hate you so much right now! Why won’t you let me import XML files in peace?! T_T And stop complaining about my undefined functions which are actually defined thank you very much. *ahem* I’ll just be over here muttering to myself… >_>

7. Do you like someone right now?
Yes, and if you haven’t worked out who it is by now, you’re very slow!

8. Song playing?
Nothing at the moment.

9. What are you doing tomorrow?
Going to see Rush Hour 3 with my family. I think Jackie Chan is the only actor my mum considers worth paying money to watch.

10. Do you know what tofu is?
Yes, and I love it! When I bought Suresh as a slave, I was going to make him come to a tofu factory with me, but I never foundĀ one (Suresh really hates tofu). Very few people I know share my love of tofu though. T_T

11. Have you ever eaten it?
Er… >_< If I am ordering just for myself, then I’ll generally go for something with tofu in it if it’s there.

12. Do you want to go back to middle school?
High school was awesome fun! If I had to go back, I’d love to, but I’ve been there and done that, and I’d rather try new things.

13. What is your one dream?
To take over the world and have Daniel Jackson dance naked in front of me every day. And to have daily gay chicken tournaments. And to outsmart Dante. And… to not be indecisive. =/

14. What are you doing tonight?
Tonight I worked and played DotA. Tomorrow night I want to go for a drive – I’ve been meaning to for a while now, but I still haven’t made that CD. >_<

15. Who did you ride in a car with last night?
I didn’t ride in a car last night.

16. Are you tired?
Yes, very. =(

17. Who will you be with today/tonight?
Friends, then work people. =) then =(

18. What colour socks do you have on?
None, I’m barefoot at the moment, and my feet are cold. =( I should go and get some socks. Fun fact: approx 95% of the socks I own are white.

19. What colour is the shirt you are wearing?
White and black. I’ve been looking for a shirt that looks like the black and white stipped ones that they used to make prisoners wear. This one is almost like that, but the stripes are too fat.

20. What did you do today?
Worked for 5 hours, played 3 terrible games of DotA, and ate food.

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