Neflix Experience

We have had Netflix for a day now. MrFodder’s dad got us $60 of Netflix gift cards as a gift, so we thought we might as well sign up. I’m not entirely sure what I expected, but I feel a little underwhelmed. Though to be honest, we haven’t really sat down to watch anything on Netflix as such, as we’re still going through the Castle DVDs that I bought earlier in the year (just finished season 2, looking forward to starting season 3). So far I have watched: an episode of How I Met Your Mother (as I never watched the first episode – and now the blue French horn thing makes so much more sense), an episode of Arrested Development, and most of the movie Frozen.

The thing is, I’ve only watched things I’ve already seen so far. After signing up, you select some movies or TV shows that you like, and it tries to suggest things for you that it thinks you will enjoy. And I think you’re supposed to rate things as you go along so that the system gets a better idea of your tastes. It’s difficult to judge how accurate it is, since I only just started using it, but a lot of the suggestions so far have been things I’ve already seen (probably because I haven’t watched it within Netflix, or told it I’ve seen it already). Given that, I’d say the algorithm is pretty good so far.

So why have I only watched things I’ve already seen? I just feel like I don’t really want to sink a large chunk of time into watching a series right now. I was perfectly OK to do it when playing WoW, as it was something to do in the background while I fished, or tried to get achievements, or really do anything in the game, as it seems so easy to play casually these days. Now that I’m not subscribed to WoW anymore, I don’t really have some background task to do while doing another background task.

Maybe that’s why I enjoyed WoW so much. It wasn’t exactly the most engaging of games, but it gave me the feeling of accomplishing something while procrastinating.

Anyway, the other part of not trying new things in Netflix is that I’m pretty averse to new experiences in general. It took a long time for MrFodder to get me to try new foods, and even now there are lots of foods that I won’t even go near, because I can’t stomach the idea of eating it. Perhaps the first step in my culinary adventure is going to be trying new things in Netflix. Unlike ordering a new meal at a restaurant, if I don’t like it, I can just watch something else, and I don’t need to force myself to eat it because I ordered it and have to pay for it.

The reason why I feel like I need to steel myself for new culinary experiences is because we booked a table at one of the restaurants at the Eiffel Tower. It’s one of those fancy pants restaurants, and I’m guessing the menu will be in French. There will be lots of things that I’ve never heard of, and I don’t even go to eat French food very often, so I don’t have a go-to French meal that I like to order. I feel like I need to prepare myself because it seems to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences (if you’re not super rich and holiday in Paris for fun).

So first order of business, find something new to watch on Netflix.

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