Dota Personality

Just did the Dotabuff personality quiz (you need to sign in with your Steam account to do the quiz).

Here is what I got:

It seems that the only thing I’m good at is self-deprecating humour. :'(

I don’t know, if I would rate myself, I think I would be higher on determination. One of the things that I learned from playing chess, is that at the lower levels, even if you are losing, there are still things that you can learn. Often, you might be miles ahead, but it’s still worth going through the motions to reach checkmate, because you need to train yourself to keep focused. It was, and still is, one of my biggest issues with chess, is that I’ll manage to get ahead somehow, but I never press the advantage, or manage to keep the aggression up. I nearly lost a game about a month ago, where I was three minor pieces ahead, and I fell into a stupid trap and ended up losing my queen and rook. I think I play better when I’m coming back from behind, because I stay focused the entire time, until the game is over.

In almost every game, I want to play until the end. I usually have hope that we’ll be able to turn it around. Same as with chess, I feel like there are a lot of Dota games that I should have won, but we were never able to finish the game while we were ahead. We started getting too cocky and running in when we were short on numbers, and the other team ends up catching up.

Yeah, my communication is fairly poor, I rarely say anything other than missing calls and thanking people. I almost never use voice chat (in games with randoms), and I tend to ignore teammates when they are flaming (again, the whole ignore the bully mentality – which is probably why my aggression rating is so low). I guess the fact that I’m often on voice chat with friends means that when we are playing in a party of less than 5 people, there will be at least one person who isn’t included in any of our conversation, and so they’ll often be left out.

And teamwork, I thought I had that one under control at least. Though talking more might help with that.

I should really look at this as areas to improve. I don’t think that the personality test is super, super accurate, as some of the questions and answers are a bit silly. But so far, the results that redbeanpork and I got seem fairly accurate. MrFodder’s result….. I don’t know. I should work on my communication more though, as one of the questions was about what is most likely to make you rage, and I answered having teammates who don’t communicate. Such a hypocrite!

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