Game Review: Telestrations

Played a game at lunch today called Telestrations. It’s kinda like Chinese whispers crossed with Pictionary. Each player has a game pad with 9 pages (you draw using erasable markers). Each player also gets a card, and you roll a dice to see which word on the card you have to draw. So you write your word on the pad, flip it over so that you can’t see the word anymore, and draw the word. Then you pass it to the next person, who has to try and guess what you were trying to draw. At the same time, you’ll receive a pad from the person before you, and you have to guess their drawing. You pass again, and you’ll get a word which you have to draw, and so on, until you go all the way around and end up with your original pad.

It was pretty funny. Geoff started out with “Head over heels”. Kaela saw his picture and guessed “69”. Tom did his interpretation of that, which I thought was a guy with a tiny head and a big dick, so I guessed, “Tiny penis head”. Dan just had no clue, and ended up drawing a penis with a wart. Jade guessed big dick. Which Albert drew and Paul guessed was a “giant carrot”.

I had “bear hug”, which Tom guessed was “beastiality”. So Daniel drew something which Kaela thought was a “wookie”. Geoff drew that, which Paul guessed was a “cucumber man with a hammer”. Albert drew that, which Jade guessed was a “potato man with a hammer”.

It probably doesn’t sound nearly as funny now, but it’s the kind of game that gets very silly very quickly, but I also think that only really happens when you play with a relaxed group of friends. I think the game has scoring built into it, but we chose to ignore that, as Geoff said adding competition to the game just ruins the fun of it. And we had a lot of fun. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time.

Unfortunately, the game seems to be out of stock at every single game store that I’ve tried, and I’ve been to six so far. So this is a mean review, as many people won’t be able to play it. Though you could probably make your own, using a game of pictionary for the word suggestions, and make your own pads of paper.

I rate the game 2 thumbs up.

I don’t know if MrFodder will play though, as he refuses to play Pictionary with me after our PS3 UDraw Pictionary debacle.

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