A Perfect Murder – Means

In yesterday’s post, I covered opportunity, today I am going to cover means. Basically, do you have what you needed to have in order to commit the crime?

If you have a job where you have some sort of rare or unique tool – DO NOT USE IT TO COMMIT YOUR CRIME. Especially if it will leave an identifying signature.

Find some commonplace item. More importantly, don’t buy it immediately before you’re going to use it. Buy it somewhere that doesn’t have video surveillance. Again, this is preparation. If you buy it ahead of time, then it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to trace the purchase back to you. That supermarket cashier isn’t going to remember who bought a particular bottle of bleach 3 months ago. Though you’ll need a secret place to store this stuff, because it’ll look suspicious if you had a bottle of BLEACHO in your laundry up until the day of the murder.

I don’t really know much else you can do to deal with getting yourself out of having the means. If you want to use a gun, you’ll have to practice so that you don’t screw up, but then that’ll probably leave a trace, since you’ll need to go to the gun range or something, and that increases the chances that you’ll be remembered by someone.

Yeah, I don’t really have anything else to say….. The important things to remember – try not to be memorable, don’t use anything that is likely to identify you, just try to be average.

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