A Perfect Murder – Motive

I think this one is the toughest to deal with. Well, unless you are happy to kill some random person you don’t know, just to make it easier to get away with murder. In which case, your motive is just to get away with murder, which is a pretty tough motive to prove. Unless you make a series of blog posts talking about how to plan a perfect murder and you talk about how killing someone just because you want to kill someone. I’d say the best solution in that case is not to commit the murder, because you’re risking getting caught making a stupid mistake for very little gain.

But realistically, if there was someone you wanted to take out, how to make it look like you don’t have a motive? I think, once again, that patience is the key. If there’s someone you want to off, bide your time. Someone might remember that fight you had with your husband last night. Someone is less likely to remember that fight you had with your husband five months ago. If you’re killing someone because you have money issues, then make a public attempt at trying to clean yourself up. Start living frugally, take on an extra job. If people ask, show that you’re trying to change your ways and dig yourself out of a hole. Then, when someone dies in a freak petrol fighting “accident”, and you happen to benefit from their life insurance, just pretend it as a happy accident.

Though I think the biggest benefit of waiting before carrying out the act is that it might dissuade you from doing it in the first place. Can’t get caught for murder if you didn’t commit it. On the whole, I don’t think there’s a lot you can do about motive except try to hide the evidence of it. Don’t complain to your co-workers, just try to keep it to yourself as much as possible.

Anyway, another short one from me today. My movie is about 1/5 done, and my new deadline that I have set for myself is Friday. At this stage, I am fairly confident I will make it, but that’s if I dedicate a lot of my time towards it. I’ve got the major scenes done, but the story isn’t coherent unless I film the bridging scenes. At worst, it’s just a series of Bond parody skits, which isn’t the worst outcome.

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