Supersize Lunch

I’ve been noticing a weird trend. It started in April this year. I went to one of my favourite burger places for lunch, and ordered my usual burger with a side of chips. When my order was up, I was handed two bags, and looked confused. The person said, “Your burger and chips.” and I thought maybe the burger had leaked through its wrapper or something, so they gave me the chips in a different bag. When I got back to the office, I looked in the bag, and it was full of chips. I’d say it was roughly six or seven times the regular serving of chips. Strange, but the people on my team were happy to help me finish them.

Writing it up to a freak occurrence, I return a few months later, order the same thing, and again, I get the two bags, one filled with chips. Unfortunately, on that day, half of my team was out at a celebratory lunch (I wasn’t on that project, so I wasn’t invited), so I felt compelled to finish the chips. I haven’t been back since, as I’m afraid of getting another giant bag of chips.

Last week, I felt like getting Nandos, so I ordered my usual (1/4 chicken), and I had a voucher for free regular chips, so I used that. Take my food back to the office, open it, and I’m pretty sure I got a 1/2 chicken and large chips.

MrFodder thinks that I probably just happen to go at the right time, and they need to offload food, but I think I’ve discovered the real secret.

I’m Truman Burbank.

Think about it. If I am given more food, I spend more time on TV eating it, and audience members are more likely to want some.

Now that I know, and by posting this blog, they know that I know, what is going to happen? If the supersized food suddenly stops, then it’s a confirmation that I am Truman, and they’re trying to hide it. But if the supersized food continues, then that’s also confirmation, because they’re basically saying, “Screw it, she knows, we might as well make some money off this.”

Irrefutable evidence.

Jokes aside, I think a more likely explanation is that I just have one of those average faces, and they must have mistaken me for a regular or something and wanted to be extra nice. Can’t complain about that, right?

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