Different Friends

Following from my last post, I have to say that I’m not the greatest friend either – says the person who has a draft email replying to one that I received in November, 2013. I think I should step up my game, but also be a bit more forgiving of Brian. We probably just have different ideas of what hanging out with friends entails. I prefer smaller groups, but maybe he prefers larger groups.

On the topic of the email that never gets sent, I feel like it’s never going to be sent. So much time has gone by it feels weird to bring up the topic all over again. So I’ve been trying to think of ways that I can make it up to him. Well, not make it up to him as such, but rather reconnect as friends. He has a regular roleplaying game, but I think my biggest issue with it is that I don’t like the long-term regular commitment. Work is bad enough, having to go in 5 days a week. My gym schedule was fairly constant, but I could always fall back on the fact that if I really didn’t want to go, then I didn’t have to go. So even though he has offered in the past, I don’t really want to join his game.

I guess I could suggest we just catch up for dinner or something after work, as we both work in roughly the same area (or at least he did the last time I spoke to him). I was thinking, since I am experimenting with so much cooking, why not go back to having those mini-dinner parties? I did it over the last Easter break, while MrFodder was away, with a few groups of friends, and I learned how to make cannelloni and BBQ pork. It’s something that I would like to do again. Maybe when it’s a bit warmer. Although this guy lives on the opposite side of the city, so it might be something that’ll have to wait until we move, if we end up moving closer. It is a bit difficult to have five people sitting around a table in our house.

So I’m glad I waited to talk to Brian, since it seems like it’s a conversation that doesn’t need to happen. Though in the future, I’m not going to put myself in the same situation. If he wants to invite a large group of his friends, then he should be the one organising people and making the booking.

And that’s all from Aggressive Anna today.

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One Response to Different Friends

  1. chaoticgood says:

    Ahahaha, I think I know who you’re talking about. I know he still considers you a friend, and I’m sure he’d love to hear from you :)


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