The Truman Chips Experiment

I didn’t plan on it, but Intern Daniel wanted to see the famous Truman chips in action (I’ve started telling some people at work about it). He was doubtful, but yet again, my Truman-ness prevailed. I’m 4 for 4 this year. I took a photo to prove it, but Intern Daniel is in it, and I don’t have his permission to upload it.

I think we can rule out time of day, because I ordered before Intern Daniel, and since they had to give him chips as well, it seems unlikely that they’d dump an entire batch on me.

So now it has become a mini-experiment. Trying to single out what it is that unlocks the Truman chips.

So, the data we have so far:

Geoff: white male, no Truman chips

MrFodder: white male, no Truman chips

MrFodder’s friend: white male, no Truman chips

Intern Daniel: white male, no Truman chips

Me: Asian female, Truman chips

I’ve gone at:

11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:10pm and another time I forgot, that I think might have been just before 12.

I have lined up:

Special K: white female

DComics: white male, but older, he’s in his 50s.

Albert: Asian male

The theories that people at work have come up with so far:

  • I’m Asian
  • I’m female
  • The staff there think I’m too skinny and want to fatten me up (unlikely, I also wore my super baggy hoodie today, so it was hard to make out my size)
  • The cashier is hitting on me
  • I’m insane, and Truman chips isn’t really a thing (come on…. 4 for 4? Can it really still be a coincidence?)
  • I go at the right time, and just happen to get the remains of a batch they’re tossing
  • They ran out of the small bags, so they only had the large bags to give out (I feel this one was also disproven today, as Intern Daniel ordered after me and still didn’t get Truman chips)

So by finding people of different demographics, we’re trying to single this out. There’s only one Asian female on my team (other than me), but she’s always super busy, so it’s hard to get her to go to the burger place. But that’ll be a last resort. I added DComics because I wanted to see if age played a part. I’m not sure what other demographics to hit. I thought about asking a gay person, but that’s not something you can really tell by looking at someone, so it didn’t seem like a good thing to study.

I think the cashier hitting on me has been ruled out, as I’m pretty sure I’ve been served by at least two different people. But DComics suggested taking note of who serves me, and who prepares my food so we can rule that one out, too.

I will report back once I have more results!

Edit: Forgot to add MrFodder’s theory: it’s my burger order, the no mayo, no cheese that makes them feel compelled to make up for charging me the same amount, so they give me the extra chips.

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