Much Tofu About Nothing

This blog is in danger of becoming a “What Anna Ate Today” blog. Oh well, I’m starting to think food is my passion.

Growing up, tofu wasn’t just the thing that vegetarians use to substitute for meat. Tofu was just another type of food on the table, and I thought nothing wrong with it. It wasn’t until I was at uni, going to dinner with some friends, and I was asked if I was a vegetarian after having ordered a tofu dish.

“No?” I replied, confused.

“Oh, I just thought because you ordered tofu…”

For a while, I turned a bit defensive. I’d order tofu when I could, and always talk about how delicious it is. I still think it’s delicious, but I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, a lot of people complaining about the texture of it, which probably takes some getting used to, but since I have been eating it since I was a kid, I don’t think it’s all that weird.

Since moving out of home, I’ve rarely had the chance to eat tofu, as it just never comes up when we’re thinking of meal ideas. Lately, I’ve just had this huge tofu craving, and ended up ordering some at the 440 dinner last month. But that only made me want it more. So as a semi-compromise, I thought I’d make a honey soy stir fry with tofu and chicken. The result was not what I expected.

What I ended up with was what MrFodder dubbed “Ninja noodles”. There’s a rough 50-50 mixture of tofu and chicken in the meal, but because of the way that it was cooked, it’s hard to tell whether a particular piece is chicken or tofu until you go to pick it up.

The new era of evil cooking! I actually liked it though, so much so that my lunch this week is going to be tofu, broccoli and carrot. I would like to learn too cook salt and pepper fried tofu like they do in Chinatown though. One of my favourite dishes, and was the inspiration for my IRC nickname.

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