Living the Thigh Life

While at the gym yesterday, I realised I forgot my own advice. I’ve been focusing on working out to run away from being fat, rather than working towards something. So I signed up for a fitness challenge at the gym, and the first step of the challenge is to come up with a goal. Previously, I had the goal of trying to get to a particular level on the beep test. Then there was the wedding. Now there’s…

So, I was thinking about something that’d be practical, and I thought, how about being confident enough to be able to wear thigh high socks?

Before you start to think of Zettai Ryouiki, I am well aware of my age, thank you very much. Actually, I discovered the convenience by accident.

The long and boring backstory: I finally did what I’ve been meaning to do for a while, which is to go through the clothes in my closet and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit anymore. I held on to a few things for keepsake value, like my WPT shirt than I won by beating my poker class in a tournament (which funnily enough, finally does fit me now, but is too much, “Hello, cleavage!” for me to want to wear anywhere), my PAX Enforcer shirts, my university open day volunteer shirts. Anyway, a lot of my business clothes were in that pile, and all I have left are some dresses, skirts and shirts that were given to me / bought with co-workers.

Anyone who has been in this city for the past couple of months knows that it has been cold. Really damn cold. So, two things I’ve found that I dislike about wearing non-pant-like clothing. I don’t like going bare-legged, so I have to cover my legs, which means stockings. But stockings means that your legs are stuck together in this weird way that I really don’t like. The second part being that stockings aren’t as warm as socks. So I realised, I can just wear thigh high socks. All the warmth, and none of the legs-stuck-togetherness! What I don’t feel comfortable about is the fact that there is still a bit of a muffin top going (sorry for the imagery). I don’t know if it’s possible for me to get rid of it, but any goal’s a goal, right?

Actually, I later ended up Googling whether it’s appropriate to wear thigh high socks at work, and the general consensus seems to be that it’s not. Apparently thigh high socks have a sexual connotation. But I think it’s OK, as given the fact that my skirt/dress goes to my knees, nobody but me should even know that I’m not wearing stockings!

I came back to this after a couple of hours, and I don’t even know what I was going on about. So… today marks the first day of the morning shift. My brain is officially mush. I thought I’d be able to easily adjust, because it’s kinda just like being back on graveyard shift at the casino, but not quite. I also realised that the year is disappearing, and I have a lot to write if I want to get my goal! So here’s to writing more, even if it is nonsensical rubbish.

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