More Morning Musings

Unbeknownst to me, I have been rostered for morning shift again this week. The new roster didn’t come out until I’d already left last week, but I thought I’d go in early today just in case. It kinda worked out, as I could enjoy my weekend with the knowledge that I didn’t have any more logs monitoring to do, but still make it to my shift on time.

I had my initial review for my 10-week workout challenge on Friday, along with a new workout plan to achieve my goal (socks, in case you forgot). I’m also meant to keep a food diary for a few days (two week days and one weekend day), and it says not to “cheat”, but even the thought of having to write down what I eat makes me want to eat better. I’m not going to cheat though, because the whole point is to see progress, and get suggestions on how to be better.

I’ve been really keen to try boxing, although I keep having things on Tuesday nights, so I never end up making it. I’m going to try next week though! Albert keeps telling me that the best way to stay on track is to have a goal. I have a goal now, and so as extra motivation, I wanted to order a pair of socks, because that combines the lovely feeling of waiting for a package in the mail with the whole focus on what you want to look like thing. However, just browsing thigh high socks online makes me feel like I’m looking at porn or something. I can see why they’re considered sexually suggestive now.

In researching, I’ve discovered that thigh high socks tend to fall down a lot, so there is this thing called sock garters (mostly SFW, there’s an image of a guy with calf-length socks and sock garters, with no pants, holding an iron). Ashamedly, before I even did this, I didn’t know what a garter belt was. I know that there’s sometimes a part of a wedding where the guy tosses his now-wife’s garter belt, similar to the bride’s bouquet toss. Julian and Lucy did it. Until now, I just assumed it was some ribbony thing that was part of the wedding dress and torn off, but that is not what they are at all. And yes, looking these up also ends up with some very porn-ish looking images.

Anyway, it’s a pretty cool idea, and I did find my socks fell down a bit when running, but the only time I ran was for the train, and I had plenty of time to fix up my socks before getting to the office, so I didn’t think it was a big issue. But perhaps that’s because I had my massive muffins to hold the socks up, but if I do manage to make some progress over the next 10 weeks, that might not be the case later.

I did not realise something as simple as socks could be so complex. I thought I could just google “thigh high socks”, buy whatever the first result was, and be done. Seems like this is going to be a mission for another night.

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