Return of the Truman Chips

Well, Friday was full of surprises. I have actually been back to the Truman chips burger place a couple of times this year, but didn’t get the chips. I noticed that the staff there had also changed (possibly due to a new year at uni?) and so I figured it was over, and the Truman chips mystery would remain unsolved.

Albert and I take turns to buy each other lunch, and given the stress of the past couple of weeks, Albert was really hankering for a chance to eat some junk food and unload. As I hadn’t been there in a while, I suggested the Truman chips place. So we walked there, arrived at approximately 11:50am, and I placed my usual order. Albert then placed his, and paid for both of ours together, as it was his turn. We waited around, and then go our bags with burgers. As I was getting the burgers, the cashier specifically pointed out, “This one is yours”, which I thought she was doing just to make it clear which was which (as we had ordered different types of burgers). However, on opening the bag, I saw it! The Truman chips. There was the usual Truman chips bag inside the larger burger bag!

The last Friday of the month means it’s casual Friday, and my exception to my new year’s resolution to wear business clothes at work. So my new theory is that there is something about wearing casual clothes that triggers Truman chips. Maybe I look poor? Maybe I look like a uni student and they feel sympathetic? I don’t know, but Intern Daniel says it’s time for more experiments! However, Alison has asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, so I don’t know if I can handle eating burgers every week. =/

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