Brioche Bake-Off!!!!

Today was brioche bake-off day. Here are the contestants:


The person who made the third one arrived late, so we had already started with the first two. Then we did a second round of voting including the third one (with new people).

And the winner was….. the third one. Which I did not bake. In fact, I ended up coming last (mine was the broken burnt-looking one on the right).

No, I did not tank the competition on purpose! I tried my best!

However, there is a slight consolation prize. The person who ended up baking the winning brioche works in the team that I’d like to work in someday. So it was a good networking opportunity, and I have something else that I can share with him. =) I found out he’s a really keen baker, and when he was trying to win over his now-wife, he would always bake her things. They’re both really good cooks, actually.

As a consolation to my bruised ego, I made a strawberry cheesecake, and someone on my team said that it was the best one he’d ever tasted. =)

I feel in love with speculoos while we were in France, and so when I saw this recipe for a strawberry cheesecake using a speculoos crust, I felt compelled to make it. We did it to raise money for a team social event as a way to boost the morale of the floor.

I’ve been trying to think of other ways to boost morale, and I realised that a lot of people really light up when they have the chance to talk about something they’re passionate about. I also realised that there are a whole heap of really interesting people on the floor, but nobody ever really takes the time to get to know someone unless they work directly with them. So I’m going to publish some interviews of the people on my floor, which will hopefully cheer people up. In the worst case, at least I’ll get to know more people. I also need to brush up on my interview skills (of which I have none). My first interview was a bit of a disaster, but the next person I’m interviewing has such a cool history.

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