Caffeine Hit

First day back at work, and it was a long walk down Struggle Street. I probably shouldn’t be up this late even writing this, but Town of Salem is too fun.

I’m not a coffee drinker (that’s a hot chocolate in the image above). I think I’ve had maybe three coffees since I started working, and the people I work with have cottoned on that I’m not a coffee-drinker.

There has been some dissent in the office lately, as it was announced that the coffee machine was being removed. I always joke that when the end of the world hits, and everyone is scrambling for the last coffee beans at the supermarket to deal with withdrawal symptoms, I’m going to take over the world, but it is times like these where I appreciate not being an addict.

I do have sympathy though, and I have been thinking about opening the Evanna CafĂ© at my desk, with a cold brew coffee machine. I could start it up before going home for the night (or after lunch), and the coffee would be ready in time for people in the morning. I don’t know if it would scale very well, as there are hundreds of people who use the coffee machine in a single day. And I think maybe the smell of coffee at my desk every morning would probably drive me nuts (I do enjoy the smell of coffee, just not the bitterness). Not to mention the crowd of people every day.

Maybe just getting the team to put in some money to buy a few AeroPresses or something would be a better solution.

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