Raising the Barre

After I quit my gym membership, I took up running, and tried to find some free / cheap fitness options around. LuluLemon has free yoga classes (you can search for your local store on their website to see if they run a class). During one of my classes, the instructor didn’t show up, so one of the store staff took over the class. Turns out she is a barre instructor as well. She described barre as a mix between yoga, pilates and ballet.

The class was the most intense fitness class I have done. Ever. My legs and arms felt like jelly afterwards. She said that wasn’t even as tough as her usual classes, because they don’t have a barre in the store.

A friend told me about a barre studio opening up, so I signed up for their introductory pass, which lets you do as many classes as you want for 2 weeks. I managed to squeeze in 6 classes, and even though it was a struggle, I felt pretty good afterwards.

Reading some stuff online, it’s a bit mixed whether barre is good for losing weight or not, but to be honest, I enjoy it so much that I don’t really care. I like that it builds flexibility for me, as I’m not going to yoga twice a week like I used to, and it also builds up my core strength.

It definitely isn’t a cardio-heavy class. I’ve measured my heart rate in a few classes, and it has never crossed the 130 barrier (highest I’ve gotten so far is 126), but I definitely do more than break a sweat in class, especially in the Summer. I’ve probably done about 30 classes so far, and I don’t have a ballerina body, but I also eat like a glutton, so that’s probably why…


….Someone please help me. :'(

I have noticed myself getting stronger though, as the push-ups used to kill me in class, and now I can do them even after having done a heap of other arm exercises beforehand. I’m not quite at the point where I’ve plateaued yet, as I still get the shakes in class, so I plan to keep going. I guess I’ll have to supplement it with a bit more running. And a bit less brownie-eating.

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