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Still on the inspiration train. I noticed that there were free swing dancing classes, the first of which starts today. I thought I’d try it out. I did go to a latin and salsa dancing class with Lucy once, but this seemed different. I had been psyching myself up for it all week, but a look outside the window made me feel a bit hesitant as it was pretty hot today. But since I had gone around telling all of these people at work that I was going to do it, I kinda had to go, otherwise I’d have nothing but disappointment to look forward to at the office tomorrow.

The dancing part was fun. It was West Coast swing dancing – and we learned three moves: left pass, right under spinny thing (I’m sure it had another name), and a dip. I only stepped on one person’s toes once, but I crashed into people a few times (which is bad for a dance where you pretty much go in a straight line), and fell into my dance partner once (after which he gracefully blamed the floor, to help alleviate my embarrassment).

The teachers were all really nice, and they were good at explaining things. We were spread out in a circle, and rotated partners after every section, so it didn’t matter that I went without a partner. My first partner was called David, and he said he didn’t have any experience swing dancing either, but then he revealed that he enjoyed other styles of dancing, and was an experienced rock ‘n’ roll and salsa dancer. He was super nice though, and every time I danced with him, he made sure to go slowly, and was incredibly encouraging, even though I nearly crashed into him, too.

At first, I was pretty nervous dancing in such a  public place, with all these people watching. There were even some people filming it. But after a while, I forgot all about them, and got into the dancing. The class was only 45 minutes, but it was pretty hot today, so by half of it, I could feel some sweat building up, which made it a bit uncomfortable given how closely you dance with others. But I guess everyone else was in the same boat (though I feel stupid for choosing to wear black today).

The last part of the class was a freestyle dancing section, and I tried to dancing with my partner, but I have no dancing ability whatsoever, so I made a graceful exit once I could and booked it outta there.

Would I go again? As I said, the dancing part is fun, but then I remembered why I prefer solo sports: because I hate interacting people, and this style of dancing requires a partner. So I don’t think it’s the hobby for me.

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