The Hair Up There

I kept my hair long for Alison’s wedding, that way different hairstyles could be possible, in case she had something specific in mind. Turns out, she didn’t really care in the end, and I ended up having it up. I was pretty eager to get it all chopped off as soon as I could, as Summer was coming, and I’ve been going to lots of fitness classes lately, and washing it was becoming a bit of a pain in the ass.

Finally got it done today and it feels so good. It’s a little shorter than I would have liked, so I can’t tie it up properly, but it’s hair, it’ll grow out.

For a long time, I really loved long hair. Back when I was swimming, once my lesson was over, I loved just swimming around under the water, letting my hair flow behind me and imagine that I was a mermaid. I know now that having long hair adds to the drag while you swim, so it’s probably not a good idea, but I just loved the feeling of swimming as fast as I could, then stopping and feeling my hair wrap around me as it kept going due to inertia.

My mum had really long hair when I was a kid, but around the time my sister was born, she cut it short, and I always wondered why. At the time, I thought women with long hair were prettier (though I’ve since learned that that isn’t the case at all), and it was sad that she cut it off.

My most memorable hair experience was when our class was doing Macbeth for our class play. One day, I arrived at school without brushing my hair (I was always late for school, and sometimes it meant forgetting things). One of my classmates came up to me and said, “Did they cast you as one of the witches today?” I was super super shy back then, and couldn’t say anything in response, but I was pretty embarrassed. It didn’t help that our parents were friends, and my mum was constantly comparing me to him and asking why I wasn’t as good at X as he was.

Still, you would think that I would have learned from that situation, but nope, it’s still quite common for me to have left the house without remembering to brush my hair. So that’s another good reason for me to have gotten it cut.

Wow, this is really becoming a boring “what did Anna do today?” blog.

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