Restaurant Review: Betty’s

I’ve lined up a heap of stuff to do once we return, but have run out of things to do here! So here’s some food.
MrFodder and I went to Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. for dinner. MrFodder got the Betty’s Classic (left) and I got the Crispy Chicken (right). We also got some onion rings to share.
Both burgers were really nice. The crispy chicken was decently crispy, and nice and moist inside, but not KFC level of fried chicken deliciousness. No special sauce is the way to go. The onion rings were nice and crunchy, though I think a couple of them were leaning a bit towards the burnt side.
The atmosphere of the restaurant was pretty nice. Every time I’ve walked past it, I’ve seen a huge of people waiting, but inside it was pretty relaxed, and wasn’t too noisy, which I like. It was easy to hear MrFodder talking, which I think is one of the most important factors when dining out.
If you’re wondering why the place is burgers and concrete, the concrete part seems to refer to their desserts, which are a custard-based ice cream.
MrFodder ordered the Hot Fudge Doughnut, which is vanilla custard, krispy kreme doughnut, hot fudge sauce, hazelnut crumble and vanilla cream. It seemed to be dusted with cinnamon. Given how many calories were probably in the burgers and onion rings, MrFodder ate some of the cream (which is the large glob on top), then opted to remove the rest and just eat the bottom part. As he described it, it was a combination of so many of his favourite foods, which meant he had to try it, but it also filled him with regret at the shear amount of fat and sugar it probably contained. He was going to regret ordering it, but he was also going to regret not ordering it. In the end, he was glad he ate it, but we made sure we went for a walk after dinner to try and alleviate some of the damage.
Overall, it’s not KFC, so if I was going to have a burger with fried chicken in it, I’d probably go there instead, but I did enjoy my meal and wouldn’t say no to returning.
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