On Alert

Today’s picture is from the game Town of Salem.

This game is like Mafia / Werewolf, except there are more roles.

(You probably have to expand this picture to really understand what’s going on.)

The Veteran role is a town role who can go on alert for up to 3 nights. When they are on alert, if any role that is able to target other players targets them, they will shoot them in retaliation (this also includes innocent roles such as the investigator). As you can only go on alert for a maximum of 3 nights, you have to use them sparingly. Given that there are 15 players at the start of the game, and at least 3 of them will be mafia, there’s a 1 in 12 chance that you will be targeted on the first night, which is not very high. So unless you said something during the first day to try and bait someone into targeting you, it’s often not worth going on alert night 1.

In this game, wearawolf was a Veteran, and he did not go on alert the first night, but unfortunately, he was killed on the first night (his name is first).

Players are able to leave a will, which is shown once they die, and wearawolf’s will said,  “Alerting N1 is straight up savant”. But if he had gone on alert, he’d still be alive, which is why it’s so funny.

The even funnier part is that there’s an achievement for winning as a Veteran without going on alert, which wearawolf got in that game, despite the fact that he died on the first night.

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