I saw this sign in front of a restaurant on my way back from tai chi, and it made me smile.

MrFodder constantly asserts that the only reason I started talking to him at uni during orientation week is because he was eating a pizza.

He’s not far from the truth.

He also didn’t offer to give me a slice despite the fact that he didn’t know that I was allergic to cheese at the time. I think that is incredibly rude.

So as the story goes, the first time the two of us met was at one of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performances at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. We were both invited to attend by QC, so we ended up sitting with her. I had brought with me a bag of chips, and said that the other people in the group could help themselves. MrFodder ate nearly the entire bag.

Luke and I were still hungry, so we said we were going to get up to buy some food before the start of the performance. MrFodder said he’d like to come along as well. So we got up to go, and Luke and I started walking towards the food stand when we noticed MrFodder was nowhere to be seen. We looked around for him but couldn’t see him at all, so we shrugged it off and continued without him.

But that was my first memory of him: that he ate all of my chips.

Then there was the pizza thing.

And on our second date, MrFodder invited me over to his house (I had already been there as a friend, so it’s not like that was super presumptuous or anything) and cooked a curry. It was incredibly delicious.

That might have contributed to my feelings towards him…

I think throughout our entire relationship, food has been a key contributor to our bonding. We have lots of silly stories about food, and weird little traditions. I’m glad that I’ve found someone to share my love of food with, even though I’m a weirdo, as I keep being told.

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