The Sound of Music

We were shopping for CDs again in Shibuya when we heard what sounded
like a live band playing. We went to see what was going on, and it seems
like there’s a stage on the 4th floor of Tower Records where bands will
sometimes play. We got to see a band called Sex Machine, and they were a
really energetic band to watch.

I don’t really listen to live music often, so I’ve never really experienced the difference between listening to someone play in front of you compared to listening to a recorded track (the only person I can think of that I’ve seen live is That One Guy but I had never listened to any of his music before that). We were able to feel the energy from the crowd and get into the music. MrFodder got the Mr Jones treatment again and got singled out by the lead singer. However, he didn’t speak much English, so he wasn’t able to say anything to us other than thanks for coming, which he followed by apologising in Japanese for not being able to say anything else. He continued with something else in Japanese, and the crowd was laughing, but we have no idea what it was. Throughout their performance, the lead singer kept saying that it wasn’t their band, but our band, and that everyone in the audience is what brings the music to life. I’m not sure if that’s something cheesy that all bands say, but I thought it was nice.

It’s interesting how music, even music with lyrics, can still transcend the language barrier. We stayed to listen to three songs, and they all sounded fairly upbeat, so it was fun to dance and clap along with the crowd. I guess they could have been singing about throwing puppies into the river, or making fun of people with cancer, and we would have had no clue, but I’m guessing from the reactions of the crowd, that’s probably not the case.

We ended up buying their CD, and got it signed. They were really nice about it, thanking us for supporting their music.

Anyway, we have finished shopping for omiyage, and are now on our way home.

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