Fodder vs The_Boss – Scones, Part 2

After tossing and turning last night, I came to the conclusion that I needed to bake another batch of scones, because I couldn’t let my new boss crush me so badly in this competition. So I checked the opening time of the nearest supermarket, and set my alarm.

I had invited the other developers and some of the ex-developers as the judging panel – and Emma, of course. It was the usual blind taste-test, and people voted for A or B in both categories: naked and not-naked.

Here are the final votes:

I won the not-naked category easily (mostly because strawberry jam was preferred over plum jam), but the naked category was quite close. I think I only just barely won because my scones were freshly baked and The_Boss made his last night.

But I’m glad I got up early to make batch 2, as the team appreciated it.

I thought it was funny the things people were saying to work out who made which batch.

“The ones with whipped cream must be Fodder’s, because there’s no way The_Boss could be bothered whipping cream.”

Oh! Another comment that I thought was interesting was about the cream. So mine had whipped cream, and his did not, so I had chucked the container for my cream out, since it was all in the bowl. The_Boss had his sitting there (and it was a pretty fancy cream). So people were commenting on how the fat content of the fancy cream would make it taste so much better, even though it was a bit runny still. However, we both bought the same cream. I guess technically, whipped cream has air in it, so the over all fat content for the same volume of cream would be less, but a lot of people were commenting on the difference of flavour. Maybe whipping the cream was a mistake? N said the ultimate combination would have been my jam with The_Boss’ cream.

There’s already talk about the next comp, and K wants to join, too! :D

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