Artful Thanks

I got some new fridge artwork!

The last fridge artwork we had was from MrFodder’s niece, and these two are from the kids of my co-workers. We went to a pokémon store while we were in Japan, and as I knew two of the people on my last project had children that were really into pokémon, I wanted to buy something for them in return. I bought one a box to hold his decks of pokémon cards, and the other one a pokéball shaped mug (as you can see in the image he drew).

I thought it would be a good way to thank their mothers for working with me on the project, as the mothers themselves wouldn’t accept a gift, but they would accept one on behalf of their sons.

It was so nice that both of them decided to draw a picture for me in return. They both got the accent on the E wrong, but I didn’t say anything… Regardless, I was pretty chuffed to get the pictures. :)

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