The Consouls

Yesterday, we went to see The Consouls play. They’re a YouTube video game jazz band, and have remixed (is that the term?) various video game songs in a jazzy way. They just released a new album, so that’s why they’re doing live performances.

Ever since I started playing World of Warcraft, my gaming has pretty much become quite limited. I have 113 games in my Steam library, but have probably only played 40 of them. So the music from some of the more recent games is completely unknown to me. Still, the music was really enjoyable, and I had a great time.

We (MrFodder and I) ended up buying their CDs:

Their latest album, Super Monday Jam, was created based on fan requests. So the way they explained it, whenever someone does things like covers of video games, there will always be comments like, “That song was great. Now can you do (song from game they like)?” So they figured, why not do the next album entirely from song requests. So they decided based on Twitch chat (always a reputable source), and I think they said they streamed part of the creation process. They covered a song from Turtles in Time, which I had completely forgotten about until we heard it last night. My brother and I played that game so much. The keyboardist, Julian Sanchez, even said, “Big Apple, 3AM” like it does in the game. My inner nerd is so happy.

I hadn’t even heard of the band before someone from SEE invited us to go and see them with him, so I didn’t watch any of those streams, but it seems like a pretty interesting concept, so I will probably check out their videos once I have some time (they’re over an hour long)! But while I’m making my apple tart, I’m going to listen to their CDs.

Au revoir!

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