Apple Pie Ice-Cream

The ice-cream adventure continues. One of this month’s experiments is apple pie!

Using the leftover tart crust from my tarte aux pommes, I decided to finally get around to making the apple pie flavour. Using the vegan vanilla ice-cream base from Serious Eats, I made the vanilla base, added about a teaspoon of cinnamon and let it cool in the fridge.

Then I peeled, cored and diced a Royal Gala apple into 1cm cubes, and cooked it in a small saucepan with enough water to cover the apples, a teaspoon of cinnamon, 57g of sugar and a tablespoon of Nuttelex. I let it simmer until the sauce had reduced into a syrup (which is what I should have done for the tart T_T). Remove the apple pieces from the syrup and allow both to cool. I also crushed the tart crust into crumbs. I had about a handful (not a very accurate measurement, sorry).

Prepare the ice-cream in your ice-cream maker according to the directions, mine makes a sound when it’s time to add stuff in, it was about 40 minutes into the freezing process. But when it starts to get somewhat hard, around the frozen yoghurt level of consistency. Add in the crumbs and apple pieces. After another 5 minutes, start pouring in the apple syrup. I initially wanted there to be ribbons of apple syrup, and I think I poured it in too early to get that effect, but it ended up being a good thing, as the apple-pie-ish flavour is all the way through the ice-cream.

It’s not a very strong flavour, but still delicious. Next time, I’d add more apple and more cinnamon for the syrup, and maybe caramelise the apple before adding the water. I was thinking about it all day at work, and it was the first thing I ate when I got home. I also had a second helping of it. Have I mentioned that apple tarts are one of my favourite foods?

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