The End of the Truman Chips Mystery

I mentioned the Truman chips experiment to my new team, and they all suggested we add some data points to my experiment. It was a pretty big group, 11 of us headed down, though only 9 people ordered burgers. Not including myself, there were eight males, aged between 25-40. 2 Indians, 6 Caucasians.

Amazingly, I was not the only person to get Truman chips – two other people got it as well!

I won’t drag this post out too long, but here is the secret, I’ll give you a chance to work it out.

Jal was the one who figured it out.

According to the menu at this burger place, you can order your burger, and either a combo (chipsĀ + drink), or just get a drink on its own. But, since I stopped drinking soft drinks, I would get the combo, but tell them that I didn’t want a drink.

The receipt is new. The last time I went there, you would only get a slip of paper with your number printed on it. Now it seems they give an itemised receipt. So the top receipt is from Nev, and he ordered his burger with chips and drink. The bottom is mine, and I told them no drink. I got the two bags, one half filled with chips, and he just got the regular chips. But if you look closely, you can see that his says “meal” and mine says “large chips”.

Even though there’s no large chips on the menu!

I guess they do it to make up for the fact that you’re paying the same price, but not getting a drink.

Jal and N both didn’t want drinks, and they both got the double bags. Everyone else who got a drink didn’t get the double bag. So in the end, it had nothing to do with race, gender, age, who was serving, what time we went.


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2 Responses to The End of the Truman Chips Mystery

  1. 436petabytes says:

    But wait, wasn’t there a time when you ordered the same thing and didn’t get Truman chips?

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