Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival 2017

Today, MrFodder and I attended the Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival at the South Melbourne Market. I dun goofed and misread what the event was, so I thought it was the seafood and jazz festival, but luckily, there were other non-mussel things to eat there.



I got super excited when I saw a stall selling Belgian waffles on a stick, as waffles are one of my favourite foods.


Unfortunately, the display waffles looked much nicer than the ones they were actually selling, and so I gave it a miss. I have a huge craving for waffles now, so maybe tomorrow would be a good time to try making waffles with brioche dough.



They also had cooking demonstrations at the Neff school.

We had teriyaki scallops.

strawberry and watermelon soda,

beef brisket and spiced prawn rolls. The spiced prawn roll was really nice, but super messy to eat.

Lunch was enjoyed listening to some nice music.

Some of it was live, but when the bands were taking a break, they just had recorded music playing. The best part was that even though we were sitting fairly close to the stage, the music wasn’t overly loud, so we could still have a conversation. I think if I wasn’t worried about getting sunburned, I probably would have brought a book and just sat there enjoying the atmosphere. There was an Elvis singer scheduled for 6pm, but we left before that. :(

Afterwards, we headed to the Japanese ice cream truck again, I was hoping they would have the apple sake sorbet they didn’t have last time, but unfortunately, they had the same flavours they had last Saturday. But we did try the other two flavours.

This one was strawberry and wasabi. The strawberry was really nice, but the wasabi flavour was too overpowering for me, so I wasn’t able to finish it. :(

And this one matcha with pistachio and milk chocolate fudge, which MrFodder said was really nice, but the fudge was really filling.

We’re going to try and catch the ice cream truck again tomorrow, before the doughnut festival. I’m super excited!

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