Tastes of Japan Ice-Cream Truck, Part 2

Before the doughnut festival yesterday, we decided to stop at the Tastes of Japan ice cream truck again, and try the flavours we didn’t get last time Luckily, they had the apple sake flavour!

Sunday’s flavours:

Samurai cheesecake (umeboshi (plum) and cheesecake) – pictured above.

This was the one I was expecting to hate the most, since I’m not a fan of umeboshi, but I really enjoyed it. The chunks of cheesecake helped break up the almost-but-not-quite bland flavour of the umeboshi. I wouldn’t say it’s bland, but on its own, it’s very same-ish, and not something you’d eat an entire scoop of on its own, unlike say vanilla. It wasn’t overly sour as well, which I really liked.

Next, Yummi Umami (caramel miso with chewy caramel):

This one had a very strong caramel flavour, but unlike really sweet caramel, or salted caramel, it was muted, I’m guessing that’s how they tried to incorporate the miso. It’s hard to explain. As soon as you put it on your mouth, you can definitely feel that explosion of caramel, but as you eat more of it, it starts to lose that initial kick. I’d say it is a delicious flavour, but you really only need about half a scoop of it.

Balmi Hanami (sakura with lychee puree):

I thought I’d enjoy this one the most, as I love lychee, but I couldn’t really taste the lychee underneath all the sakura. I still enjoyed it, and I know this sounds repetitive, but I think it’s too much on its own to have an entire scoop.

Lastly, my favourite, the Saké Slinger (sake and apple sorbet):

I was a bit hesitant, after the overpowering wasabi flavour of the other sorbet, but the sake wasn’t overly strong – it was more like apple with a hint of sake. In fact, this flavour was really refreshing, and it would be something nice to come home to, after a hot Summer day. Making an apple-based sorbet is now on my list of ice-cream experiments!

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