Nuit Au Cinéma

The Alliance Française French Film Festival is on at the moment, and in Melbourne, runs until the 30th of March. Auto got me into the Every Frame a Painting YouTube channel and I’ve been thinking a lot about my own movie making. Obviously, a lot of my movies have been influenced by Hollywood, and to some degree, Hong Kong cinema, but I think there’s still a lot to be learned. I definitely don’t have the big budgets that professional film makers do, and my actors aren’t really actors, just my conscripted co-workers. Still, maybe one day I’ll have the time to make my own movies with people who actually want to be in them.

Until that day, all I can really do is learn as much as I can. When a co-worker told me that the French Film Festival was on, I thought it might be good to see some of the techniques used by other directors. There were so many movies I wanted to see, including the one about French cinema, but I decided to limit myself to four, as I still have my own movie to finish by next Wednesday!

D came with me to buy the tickets, as he wanted to go for a little walk after lunch, and when he realised I was buying single tickets for each film, he said, “Are you seeing these movies by yourself?” I replied that I was, and the cashier said, “It’s the best way to see movies.” I explained that I didn’t know anyone who would want to see French movies with me, so I’m seeing them alone (not that there’s anything wrong with seeing movies alone, I’ve done it before and I’ll happily do it again). He said he could ask his mum to watch them with me as she likes “weird movies with subtitles”.

I had originally intended for my latest movie to be a “foreign movie” with Japanese dialogue for the main character, and subtitles. One of my biggest gripes about movies and TV shows is when they dumb it down for the audience, but I’m wondering if maybe it is a good idea in this case as I know subtitles can be particularly polarising for people.

Anyway, back to the movies I’ll be seeing. I’ll write up reviews of them as I go, but here’s why I picked the ones that I did:

Slack Bay (Ma Loute) – The description of the movie made it sound like Hot Fuzz, which is one of my favourite movies. I actually initially filtered the list of movies for comedies, because at the time, I really felt like watching something funny, so this was the one that I chose.

Planetarium – I pretty much only chose this movie because Natalie Portman is in it.

Polina (Polina, Danser sa vie) – Admittedly, I first looked at this movie because it was partly in Russian, but I’ve always enjoyed watching the ballet, and it says it features a cast of professional dancers, and it’s described as having a world-renowned choreographer, so I’m sure it’ll be beautiful to watch. Plus, it’s right after the Arnold Classic, so I’ll probably be super inspired to work out after both of them.

Penny Pincher! (Radin!) – Another comedy. As soon as I saw the title, I felt like it was something I could related to. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel a bit like my frugal nature has stopped me from really living life, and even though I don’t feel like I’ve missed out, I have a lingering feeling that one day, I’m going to wish I had done more with my life. With the main character of this movie breaking into a sweat when he thinks about spending money, and the plot being how he overcomes that, I feel like it’s a timely movie to watch.

There were also other film festivals previously that I missed out on and I’m sad about, like the Serbian Film Festival, and the Polish film festival. Will try to keep an eye out for them this year.

Other positive news, I’m halfway through the month, and I’m already at $236.80. Lookin’ good.

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