These Shoes Were Not Made For Walking

Was so wrapped up in editing, but thankfully, Pharmacist reminded me at the 11th hour, so I have 7 minutes to write this post.

I bought these shoes last year, as the ones before that had also suffered the same fate. I really have a bad experience with shoes. For some reason, they always end up with a giant hole in the sole, and I’ve never worked out why. The only thing I can think of is that they’re really not made for walking. Or at least not the amount of walking that I like to do.

So even though it’s super unfashionable, I’ve become one of those people, who wears runners on the way to work, and changes to different shoes in the office. I get in before Special K, so she doesn’t see me in my other shoes.

Finding a new pair of shoes has been a bit of an adventure. I originally tried to buy a pair before we left for Japan, but couldn’t find anything in my size. Had the same problem in Japan. Tried again after I got back, as I was meeting MrFodder’s co-workers for dinner, and didn’t want them to see my shoes with giant holes in them (even the lady at the shop made fun of me (though in a nice way)). But again, ran into size problems. I must have giant alien feet.

Luckily, someone at the shoe shop helped me find a pair of shoes, and even though they didn’t have my size, she offered to go and pick up a pair from one of the other stores for me, which was super nice of her.

So now I have a pair of shoes that I can walk around with without having to grip on to them with my toes!

………. Can you tell I’ve barely had any sleep in the past few days?

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