Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream Attempt #1

I’ve been meaning to try a chocolate-based ice-cream for a while, but haven’t been able to find cocoa mass. Someone at work told me about this 99% cocoa chocolate (he happens to love super dark chocolate), so I had my heart set on trying to find it, as he told me you could buy it from IGA. We finally found it last weekend, so it was time!

I modified the Serious Eats vegan vanilla ice cream recipe. I’m not a huge fan of corn syrup, as it’s super hard to measure correctly, so I’ve been using xylitol instead. MrFodder also doesn’t like coconut as much as I do, so I’ve been using a combination of coconut cream and soy milk. However, I screwed up and bought coconut milk instead of coconut cream.


400ml coconut milk

400ml soy milk

73g xylitol

147g sugar

5g pea protein

5g xanthan gum

85g chocolate, as high a cocoa % as you can


Heat milks in saucepan with sugar, xylitol, protein and gum until just bubbling, whisking as you go to get all the lumps out. Once it starts bubbling, take off the heat and stir in the chocolate until evenly mixed. Pour mixture into a container, cover with plastic wrap, and put in the fridge to cool for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.

Once cooled, use your ice-cream maker to prepare. Freeze for at least a couple of hours so that it’s scoopable.

I found the mix was a lot like mousse, and I think I might have put too much xanthan gum, I think I’ll halve it next time. It was incredibly creamy though. There was still a coconut flavour, but it was nice and rich from the chocolate. I only ended up putting 80g of chocolate, as MrFodder and I tried some to see how strong it was. I think you could go up to 100g as the sugar offsets the bitterness.

Edit: Sorry, got caught up in the fact that the ice-cream was actually creamy that I forgot to mention it was also super delicious. It did have a bit of a weird mousse texture, that I mentioned earlier, but the flavour was good: rich chocolate with a medium hint of coconut.

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