Run Away, Little Girl

I accidentally ran 5km today, even though today’s run was only supposed to be 4.6km. I was completely lost in thought, and missed the prompt telling me that I’d passed the halfway mark (which is when I normally turn around). Once I realised that I didn’t recognise anything I was running past, I thought that I should probably start heading home, as I have to go to work. Then the 1 minute remaining prompt came, and I was nowhere near the end of my run, and I wasn’t even feeling tired. I decided I was going to run through the entire cooldown period, and until I reached my street.

Looking up the path on Google maps later to estimate the distance, and I realised it was 5k. I had planned to hit 5km before the end of the month, but with the video, I was pretty behind. I ran on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, before giving myself a rest on Tuesday, and the plan was to do Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but I stayed out too late after the movie and couldn’t get out of bed early enough on Wednesday.

I’m sorry for waffling on, but I’ve been holding it in most of the day. I wanted to tell everyone. I flew into work today, and I felt so happy all day.

It actually made me realise that this must be why parents love to talk about their kids, and vegans talk about vegan things, and crossfitters talk about cross fit. When something amazing happens to you, you feel like you want to share it with everyone! “Hey, I did this thing and now I feel incredibly, you should do it, too!” It’s not malicious, it’s not because they’re a mind-warped zombie, it’s because they want you to feel what they’re feeling, too.

I’ve actually been coming to terms with the idea of being a parent. I’ll never be the most amazing parent out there, but that’s OK. As with everything, you do the best you can, and that’s all you can ever ask of yourself. Pharmacist says it’s all a big gamble in the end, how your kids turn out, and I feel more accepting of that now. I don’t know when or if we will have kids, but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be!

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