A New Challenger May Have Appeared

I never thought I’d see the day, but I found out that someone on my new team plays Dota 2! Well, D said he doesn’t play very often, and that he doesn’t like playing against humans as they all spend way too much of their free time playing the game and have nothing else in their sad lives. Like me…

He challenged me to a match, however, he said it was going to be him and two of his friends plus two bots against me and four bots. He said one of his friends is better than him, but not by that much. The other is really good, but only plays at 3am. I thought it was a bit of an unfair match-up, but that has never stopped me before, so I accepted.

Unfortunately, today’s picture is my most played heroes, and none of them are particularly good at carrying a game on their own, even if I am much better than my opponents. The AI in the game is improving, but still not the best, so it’d pretty much be 3v1. I guess it depends on how good his good friend is. So he sounds like he’s somewhat decent at the game, which surprised me, to be honest. So assuming he’s about 2k MMR which I think is about average, he considers his not-as-good friend good. so that would put him at 3k MMR? But he thinks his amazing friend is really, really good, so it’s really hard to say how good he might be.

It really is hard to judge someone skill based on another person’s rating. Some of the people I’ve played with think I’m good, and they’re impressed by my rating, but I know that I’m probably only around middle-skilled (though to be honest, I feel like I’m happy here, as I think I’ve hit that point in my life where I feel like the amount of effort it would require to become better isn’t worth it to me). However, my rating really only applies to support heroes. If I were to try and play a carry hero, I’d say drop my rating by another thousand points. I still have the non-hero specific skills, like map awareness, knowledge of game mechanics, and game sense, but my last hitting leaves a lot to be desired, and I’m pretty cowardly in nature, so I don’t like jumping into the fray if I can avoid it.

I can’t remember who it was, maybe FLUFFNSTUFF, who said he plays all the different roles to get a better understanding of the game. It’s easier to predict how someone will behave if you have played their role before. Pharmacist said he wants me to play mid more often, as in our regular group, we don’t really have a mid player.

Maybe I’ll do what redbeanpork did and keep playing the same hero over and over again until I’m good at it. According to Dotabuff, the top ten mid heroes are:

  1. Tinker
  2. Shadow Fiend
  3. Storm Spirit
  4. Templar Assassin
  5. Invoker
  6. Outworld Devourer
  7. Queen of Pain
  8. Puck
  9. Death Prophet
  10. Zeus
I could probably play Tinker, but I don’t know if I could beat three players with him.
My best chance of winning is probably ending the game quickly, which means I need a right-clicker who can push. That rules out Puck and Zeus, and to some degree, Storm Spirit.
I’m not sure how good they’ll be at ganking. If they don’t gank very much, I think I could get away with Shadow Fiend (once I learned how to play him). Otherwise, I’ll want to play a hero that has some sort of escape – TA, QoP or Invoker. D did say that he gets confused by heroes blinking all over the place, and he also gets confused by Chaos Knight with all of his illusions. TA and QoP are probably the best candidates. OK. I’ll play some bot matches with them and see which of the two I’m more comfortable with.
New goal!
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