It’s no secret that waffles are one of my favourite foods – although, anyone who has been reading my blog for a while is probably wondering if there exists something that isn’t my favourite food! And as much as I loved croissants while we were in France, I have to say the light brioche captured my heart. Every man and his dog seems to be making brioche burger buns, but I think the bread is delicious as a standalone.

Despite that, after learning that Liege waffles are a variant on brioche dough, I wanted to try the Happy French Man’s brioche recipe as a waffle. Ah, I’m listening to his video again, such comforting thing to have on in the background.

I followed the recipe as last time (though I forgot to add the milk!), and after resting it overnight, balled the dough into small balls and allowed them to rise for about 90 minutes (or roughly two games of Dota 2).

I wanted to experiment a bit with how long they take to cook in the waffle maker. The first one I did with the setting on Belgian waffles and darkness 4 (for my Breville Smart Waffle) and I felt they came out a bit too dark.

But they were nice and puffy:

And although the dough wasn’t as light as a brioche, it was still pretty light and fluffy.

I cooked it at a lower darkness setting (3), and got this:


MrFodder and I tried them, and while they were delicious brioche-tasting waffles, which would have been perfect for a savoury dish, the waffles I wanted were for dessert. So I tried coating them in caster sugar, and cooking at a lower setting (darkness 2).



Those two were cooked from straight out of the fridge, so the middle wasn’t completely cooked, but I tried again after leaving them for a few hours to come to room temp. I coated them with another layer of sugar before cooking, and left them for about 10 seconds longer than the darkness 2 setting.

(See the top picture for the final product.)

After allow them to cool, the coating hardened to a light caramel and they were nice and sweet. They lacked the chewiness of  regular waffles, but according to everyone at dinner tonight, they were very good.

Personally, my sweet tooth prefers the recipe I usually use, but this was still delicious.

I couldn’t decide whether it should be called a brioffle or a broffle (which Pharmacist says could be a Broffle Stomp), but actually, since Liege waffles are based on brioche anyway, I pretty much just made a less-sweet, less-chewy version of a Liege waffle.

Still, I am proud of myself for trying something new, and I hope the fact that it wasn’t a complete disaster will encourage me to come up with more ideas.

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