Bob Lob’s Blob Blog

People are like blobs.

At one end of the spectrum, you have the Stubborn Blob.

They will never change their shape.

The Stubborn Blob never has to do anything they don’t want to do, but it also means that if they are in a group, and the group doesn’t want to do what they want to do, the group either caves in which builds resentment, or the Stubborn Blob is left with the option of caving or leaving. After a while, the Stubborn Blob will find that the group no longer invites them to things. On the plus side, if a Stubborn Blob meets a similar Stubborn Blob, then they will get along like a house on fire (what does this even mean???), but the chances of finding someone similar are quite low.

At the other of the spectrum, you have the Amorphous Blob.

They change their shape to match other shapes.

The Amorphous Blob is one of those people you would describe as having no personality of their own. They are happy to talk about cars to a car lover, giraffes to a giraffe lover, rockets to a rocket lover. They are nice to be around, because they are really accommodating, and they can make you feel like someone is interested in you. On the downside, when left to their own devices, without the strength of someone else’s personality to hold them up, they just become a puddle on the floor. They may have interests, but nothing they’re incredibly passionate about. Nothing that they’d line up outside for two days in order to get tickets for. They get along with everyone, but the stress of changing shape so often leaves them exhausted and may result in a desire to withdraw from any contact at all.

I think most people fall somewhere on this spectrum, with the changing representing willingness to change parts of yourself to accommodate others. For instance, this might involve going to see a movie they aren’t particularly interested in because another person wants to see it, or taking up a hobby just because someone else likes it.

I feel like I’ve been a bit of an Amorphous Blob for most of my life. Sure, there are things I am passionate about, like Dota 2 and desserts, but I feel a bit like I lack personality. I used to think of myself as a chameleon, changing personality depending on who is around. But when it came to describing myself, I really couldn’t think of any words to use other than “doormat”.

This is probably the underlying reason why I’ve really been pushing myself to try new things, because I want to find what it is that makes me… me. What are the things that I genuinely like and what are the things I like only because I want the people around me to like me?

Hopefully I don’t end up going all the way to the other side and turning into a Stubborn Blob!

In regards to today’s picture, I feel like that’s me and MrFodder. We don’t match each other exactly, as there are things that one of us likes that the other doesn’t, but there’s enough overlap that we are comfortable with each other, and I think that’s part of what makes us us.

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