Brickman – Wonders of the World, Part 2 – Eddie the Explorer

This feels a bit cheap, but another post is going to be taken up by the Lego exhibit we went to yesterday.

This was probably for the kids, but there was a mini competition at the exhibition to find Eddie the Explorer hidden in the various models. I was all determined to do it, but 10 seconds after walking into the exhibition, I was so completely in awe that I forgot about it. It wasn’t until the third model that MrFodder reminded me about it, so I missed checking a few (and forgot to return later), but here are the ones I found.

Oh, before I go into that, I found the form for entering the comp bizarre. The non-shortened address is here: (here’s how I got the unshortened version of the URL:

And here’s a screenshot:

There are five boxes in the form, but only four questions. The labels weren’t very helpful, but the third field had an input type of email, so I figured the first one had to be blank. The first one also had a class of frm_hidden, and the id was frm_verify, so I assume it’s meant to be hidden unless there is a verification error with the form. Oh, and you could look at the divs to see which label belonged to which field, I guess.

Anyway, back to the Eddies. Here are the ones we managed to find:

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

Arc de Triomphe.

He was in this boat racing one twice.


Great Wall of China.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Great Barrier Reef.

Burg Eltz Castle.


International Space Station.

Great Pyramid of Giza.

Oriental Pearl Tower.

Himeji Castle.

Notre-Dame de Paris.

Piazza San Marco.


Statue of David.

Leaning Tower of Piza.

I have a feeling we missed a few in the earlier models.

Since the last post was so rushed, I want to add a few more cool / funny photos from the exhibit.

The Temple of Artemis had this:

I thought it was really funny to see this at the model for the Arc de Triomphe. It’s so true, so many people with crazily big cameras.

The Arc itself was pretty amazing, with the detail of the statues.

The Taj Mahal had what looked like a Bollywood movie being filmed.

The Statue of David even had that carved out of stone look, albeit a bit pixelated.

MrFodder’s favourite was the Titanic, and the level of detail that went into it was incredible.





We weren’t able to find Rose and Jack swimming in the water though.

We both loved Piazza San Marco, as it really reminded us of the place. We both recognised it without even looking at the plaque saying what it was (although this representation was only 10% of what the crowd looked like when we were there).






I wish I had half the creativity of these Lego designers.

(I hope I didn’t kill anyone’s data quota with all these images… >_>)

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