Premiere’s Active April 2017

I took part in the Premiere’s Active April again this year, but unlike previous years, I actually tried this time. Above is my Google Fit data during Active April. Compare this to my data from the month before:

Or as an easier to compare graph:

While there were some days where I did more activity in March, I felt like my overall activity level was more consistent in April. The only real slump I had was because I was sick over the Easter weekend, but even then, I still managed to get a bit of walking in.

One of the cool things I liked about the program is that certain gyms offered 10 free visits. Since quitting the gym, I feel like I haven’t been as successful in keeping up my fitness level (most notably the huge weight gain – though gaining 6kg over a couple of years isn’t huge). I did take up barre and gymnastics, but getting home at 10:30pm after gymnastics class wasn’t the greatest, and I found myself struggling to go some nights. Barre was nice, as I could squeeze it in before, or after work, or during lunch if I took an extended lunch break. But even that started to fall to the wayside when I had that crazy project.

I’m actually really enjoying running at the moment. As hard as it is to get out of bed so early in the morning, I’m getting that runner’s high consistently now, and after the first 10 minutes or so of running, I find my mind just drifts off and other than the Couch to 10k app telling me to walk or turn around, I feel at peace.

I’m really looking forward to getting the foreign language Disney CDs though, as my favourite part of my run is when I hit the Disney songs in my shuffle order.

OMG. Spotify has Disney songs in all different languages!!!!!!!! German! French! Italian! I am so happy right now. La Belle e La Bestia. I kinda want to run tomorrow just so I can listen to this. I’ve had unmetered Spotify for the past few months, but I never used it because I couldn’t really be bothered putting together a playlist. But… I feel like I’ve missed out now. All that time I could have spent listening to Disney songs in Italian. I found some Japanese songs, but I can’t seem to find Russian or Chinese.

Sorry, completely lost my train of thought. Back to the Premiere’s Active April. The 30 days went by really quickly. We just barely managed to use all 10 of the gym sessions. However, the part that I enjoyed the most checking out what is available in other areas. I didn’t have time to try everything, but I have a good list of things I’d like to try out. Some of them will require travelling pretty far, but I don’t mind so much now that I feel like I have a bit more spare time. A drives quite far to go running, and the places he goes always look amazing. I don’t think I’m quite ready to do that kind of running, but I wouldn’t mind doing a bit more hiking.

I also felt encouraged to be more active because I felt compelled to get at least 30 minutes a day, which I managed to do for 29 out of the 30 days. As you can see from the graphs, some days, I completely knocked it out of the park, with the 1st of April being nearly 5 hours of activity. When I had the time, I chose to walk, even if it meant an 80 minute walk. It felt good to contribute hours towards my suburb.

I know I didn’t lose all that much weight during the month, but I feel a lot stronger, and a lot fitter. Now that I don’t have free gym passes, I’ll probably take up barre again. QC also wants to try ballet. Mr Brioche suggested a rock climbing centre. And I still have my mini One Punch Man goal…

Edit: It looks like some of the songs are unavailable in Australia. I guess I’ll have to wait for the CDs to arrive.

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