Cinco de Mayo

A few people from SEE were going to the Starlight Foundation charity auction today, and since I’ve never had the chance to actually bid at an auction before, I wanted to go so that I would have the opportunity without the risk of being thousands of dollars in debt and filled with regret (as you inevitably do during an auction). I didn’t actually want to win anything, because I’m still having nightmares about the pain of packing while moving, so I’m quite opposed to acquiring more junk to clutter the house which will result in the whole painful pack vs toss decision once we move again. I figured I’d make a small bid on some not very popular item, be outbid, and go home happy.

We started the night off with a thematic dinner at 8-Bit burgers on Swanston St.

In a low-effort blog post, here’s what was auctioned, and how much it went for:

Call of Duty poster – $7

Nintendo Switch pre-order poster – $45

Doom poster – $17

Alolan Meowth, Pokémon pull-up banner – $30

My Little Pony trading cards, season 2 blu ray, Big Bang Theory seasons 1-6, Suicide Squad, Batman: the Killing Joke blu rays, without covers – $35

Call of Duty poster – $5

Rogue One poster – $17

Assassin’s Creed poster x 2 – $15

Halo 4 poster – $10

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch version) poster – $16

World of Warcraft: Legion cardboard stand up thing – $10

Loot box: contains various geek-themed lego sets, a Winston figurine, snow globe, steel tins, Doom lithograph, Pokémon Z-ring, Zelda: Breath of the Wilds poster – $40

Nintendo Switch promo bag (contains a hat, notebook, water bottle, lanyard, I can’t remember if there was anything else) – $35

Pokémon plush (Eevee and Charmander) and Z-ring – $30

Mafia III poster – $5

Avengers: Civil War poster – $5

Frozen poster – $5

Uncharted 4 poster – $27

Rowlet (Pokémon) poster – $50

The Last of Us poster – $60

Cosplay photos, autographed – $20

Frozen poster – $3

Overwatch poster – $21

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 poster – $20

Loot box (same as above) – $46

Farcry and Bioshock models, keychain (basically collector’s edition stuff without the game itself)- $50

Mushroom bag, Mario Bros Wii jigsaw puzzle, flying squirrel Luigi plush – $25

Shamefully, I won that one. The bidding was at $15, and I was interested in the jigsaw puzzle, so I asked how many pieces it was. The auctioneer didn’t seem to hear me, as I was standing pretty far back, but the guy in front of me kindly repeated the question. He said 550 pieces, so I was about to bid $20, but someone else bid $20, so I went $25, thinking I’d get my bid in, and he’d outbid me, I’d get my auction bid craving out of my system. Nope. Going once. Going twice. Sold. Not that I’m unhappy about it, as I would have paid $25 for the jigsaw puzzle on its own, but it’s another bit of junk. I plan to frame it and put it on the wall as a piece of “art” though.

(I missed a bunch of auctions as I went to pay.)

Gears of War poster – $17

Red Dead Redemption poster – $15

Uncharted poster – $15

Fox FM plushie (was some weird Fox in a red shirt and blue pants) – $19

Pokémon poster – Xerneaus – $70

Disney princess poster – $7

Halo 5 poster – $10

Horizon poster – $60

Stormtrooper backpack – $16

Batman: Arkham City collector’s edition – $40

Pikachu and Charmander crochet – $85 (these were super cute)

Twilight Princess soundtrack, Legend of Zelda trading cards (85 commons in sleeves and one rare) – $69

Last of Us poster – $25

Star Wars 40th anniversary cardboard stand up thing – $50

World of Warcraft: Legion cardboard stand thing (same as above) – $16

Loot box (same as above) – $80

Splinter Cell collector’s edition, Splinter Cell T-shirt – $35

Book collection: Star Wars: Original trilogy illustrated hardcover book, Dishonoured books, Fallout: History – $55

Order 1886 statue – $40

Zombie warning poster – $5

Rogue One poster – $15

Watchdogs 2 poster – $11

Big Bang Theory superhero poster – $7

Zombie apocalypse poster – $3

Destiny poster – $25

Cosplay photos, autographed, same as above – $15

I left at this point, as I was pretty tired, and we weren’t able to get a seat, so I was standing on the stairs and felt like I was in the way. Plus, MrFodder wanted me to pick up dinner for him on the way home.

Unfortunately, I have a pretty packed weekend, but hopefully I’ll get around to doing that jigsaw puzzle soon.

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