Why Can’t We Be Friends? (Guy’s Side)

I have a friend, Bruce, who was interested in a mutual friend of ours. They spent a lot of time together, as they both worked in the same department at the same company. They had a lot of the same interests. He never told her how he felt.

Fast forward a year, and she starts dating someone romantically. He begins to cut her off. They used to get coffee together, now they don’t. They used to eat lunch together, now they don’t.

What happened?

I asked him if the he enjoyed being around her when she was single, wouldn’t he still enjoy being around her for those same reasons? He said he wasn’t interested in her anymore, but being around her was a painful reminder.

I can understand that.

It makes sense. It sucks to lose such a good friend, but when being around that person makes you feel sad, then it’s probably not healthy to continue doing it until you feel like you’ve really moved past those feelings.

I really should have started this pair of posts from the girl’s side, but I drew this comic first and it’s 11:52 and I don’t have time to draw another one and write a whole other post. This seems like a weak argument to me. Maybe I don’t understand it.

Anyway, I’ll write the other side tomorrow. I understand this side in theory, but I feel that it’s a little bit wasteful. I find it quite rare to meet someone that I really click with, so when I do meet someone like that, I try to keep them in my life. Perhaps it’s just because I’m partly masochistic, I do play Dota 2 after all, but there are some people that I really enjoy being around.

There’s someone who I have had feelings for, and we’ve become friends instead, which I think was the better option in the end. There have been some difficult moments, but I’m glad I did it rather than cutting him off (though I nearly did at one point).

So yeah…. one of those “I understand in theory, but in practice, I don’t do what I say” things. =/


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