Tai Chi at Federation Square

There are free Tai Chi classes at Federation Square every Tuesday at 7:30am. I’ve know about it for a while, but with my last project being crazy busy I didn’t have time to go. I wanted to run on Sundays because I love the relaxing nature of it. Tuesdays and Thursdays became my other running days to allow a rest day, and now that I’m running over 8kms, I can’t get myself out of bed early enough to run, shower, get to work, drop off my lunch and go to Fed Square before 7:30am. But you know what I love more than a relaxing Sunday run? A relaxing Sunday sleep-in. So I’m going to try and run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays now. Which allows me to fit barre on Tuesdays and Thursdays (maybe), and swimming on Saturdays.

So I’m going to try to go to these classes more often.

Anyway, today’s class was the first time I’ve been in a while. I actually got up early enough last week, but after getting to the office, I realised I had broken the build, so I stayed back to fix it and missed the class. Today, there was nothing to stop me!

The class involves following along with the instructor who is amazingly graceful. When the weather is bad, it moves indoors, as it did today, so it can be a bit hard to see her with all the other people there. However, there are a few veterans, who seem to know the ropes, and so you can usually copy them instead. We start with a warm up, which is actually my favourite part of the class, as it really helps me loosen my shoulders. I never realise how tense I am until I do things like that.

After that, she guides us through a basic 12-step pattern, then we go through a couple of more complex ones. The basic part finishes with the lotus, which seems to be a cool-down / breathing exercise. For those who want to stay for the more complex pattern, they are welcome to. I usually leave at this point, because I need to get back to work.

The class itself is about 50 minutes up until the end of the lotus. I’m not sure how long the last pattern is.

I feel really relaxed at the end of it all. Even though I don’t know the whole flow yet, the movements feel really good. I think it reminds me a lot of yoga, and the controlled breathing that you tend to have while doing it. The slow breaths in and out really soothe the mind. I know I sound like a crazy spiritual person, but I can’t explain the feeling. All of the worries just disappear from your mind, and you are just completely focused on the movements. I always feel like there are so many thoughts going through my head at any one point in time, so to be able to feel that nothingness is just incredible.


Today is the end of week 6 (halfway through the challenge):

Weight: 58.4 / 59.1 / 58.9 / 58.6 58.3 / 58.5 / 58.5
Waist: 74.5 / 75.5 / 75.5 / 74.5 73 / 75 / 73
Hips: 88 / 89 / 90.5 / 88.5 / 88.5 / 90 / 87.5
Bust: 89.5 / 91 / 89.5 / 90 89.5 / 92 / 91.5
Left thigh: 52.5 / 51.5 / 53 / 52.5 52 / 53 / 53.5
Left calf: 35.5 / 35.5 / 37 / 35.5 35 / 34.5 / 34.5
Right thigh: 53.5 / 53.5 / 54 / 53 54 / 54 / 53.5
Right calf: 36.5 / 36 / 36.5 / 35 36 / 35.5 / 35.5
Left bicep: 31 / 29 / 29  / 29 30 / 28 / 28
Right bicep: 30 / 29 / 30.5 / 30.5 32 / 29.5 / 29.5

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