Dota 2 Match Against D

(Sorry, all the screenshots are bad because they’re taken from the recording I made, because the replay doesn’t get saved if it’s a private lobby.)

The match I mentioned over a month ago has finally happened – D and I finally had our Dota 2 grudge match.


Legion Commander (D’s friend)
Phantom Assassin (D’s friend)
Bloodseeker (D)
Tidehunter (bot)
Arc Warden (bot)

Shadowfiend (me)
Keeper of the Light (bot)
Gyrocopter (bot)
Elder Titan (bot)
Vengeful Spirit (bot)

It was off to a bad start.

No, it really was a bad start, with mason (Bot) giving away first blood 22 seconds into the game.

And we also didn’t manage to work out how to pronounced Meloicious, though redbeanpork thinks it might be like Aloisius.

I really should have died at this point, but he didn’t continue uphill, so fortunately, I got to keep the meagre 3 souls I had gathered at this point. I had forgotten to ship myself a set of tangos after getting the bounty rune, so I was low for quite a while, but managed to survive long enough to get bottle and recover. PA left to gank top lane, so I managed to get 25 to souls, and I nearly got the mid tier 1 tower, but Bloodseeker, Arc Warden and Tide all rotated middle to pick me off.

With the help of an invis rune, I managed to pick off Arc Warden, securing the first Dire kill at 10:40 into the game, with a current score of 11-1.

Keeper of the Light, Elder Titan made short work of the bot tier 1 tower, but Legion Commander came to pick them off, and I tried to help, but decided it would be wise to bail.

We also pick up mid tier 1, and the bots move towards tier 2 when LC’s against the odds nearly kills them. We lose 3 heroes, and I chase Bloodseeker, dying in the process to rupture and PA, but getting them both with my dying Requiem. I made a mistake here, and should have used Shadow Amulet while regen rune was doing its work.

I picked up Shadow Blade and tried to do what Shatan suggested, split push lanes, but my amazing bots tried to one-up me, but diving mid tier 3 instead.

The Radiant team staged a counter mid-push, and I got my first proper Requiem off, killing Bloodseeker instantly, and between Gyro’s call down and my right-click damage, we pick off the other two human Radiant players – PA and LC. I got 663g for her 8-kill streak.

Arc Warden and Tidehunter bot both decide to contribute to our killing spree. I later get a Requiem kill on PA, which allows me to finish my Silver Edge. 20 minutes into the game, and the score is 29-11.

However, my bots are starting to turn things around, and we pick off PA and Tide, and get mid tier 2 tower.

The bots pull off an amazing defense of our mid tier 1, and get both Tide and LC without my help.

We push mid tier 3, but the bots focus the tower while I try to kill PA and Arc Warden and I die for my efforts. They also get killed, but not before taking out LC, PA and Arc Warden. Team down!

I try to kill Bloodseeker, but don’t have enough souls, and end up dying to PA, Tide and Arc. But my bots fortunately pick off Legion Commander in return. The bots continue being amazing, killing PA, LC and Tide again while I continue my assault on the buildings. I finish my MKB at 28:34 (but the bots keep stealing the courier!).

The bots get even more kills, and I try to get mid tier 3, but I completely forget about LC and end up feeding a duel.

I feel like I’m getting carried by the bots at this point. I did some decent damage to the mid tier 3, but they’re off getting kills, and at 37:11, the score is 46-38. We look like we’re making a comeback. We manage to kill BS, PA, Tide and Arc Warden and get mid rax, and PA uses a buyback, but we kill her again, along with LC.

LC buysback and tries to push top, getting 80% of the tier 2, but has to retreat.

I pick up boots of travel and sell my bottle for a gem. The Radiant team picks up Roshan, with Legion Commander picking up the aegis.

We pick off Tidehunter, and I get a good Requiem off on the Radiant team, but die to duel, losing my gem. But the bots get LC’s first life.

I buyback, teleport in, and kill LC the second time. The bots had picked up the gem and placed it at our tier 3 so I go back to pick it up and push out bot lane.

KotL continues the assault down middle lane, even though we already have both rax there, and Recalls Vengeful Spirit in so that they both get killed. LC currently has 164 duel damage.

Arc Warden and Tide both suicide down mid lane, and my bots charge down mid lane for the once-again empty rax. I try to push out top, but KotL recalls me, so I direct them towards top tier 2 instead. KotL decides to TP away. I get ruptured, but I Silver Edge and they aren’t able to find me.

I run out, but Silver Edge runs out, and LC chases me for a Duel. KotL bot uses Blinding Light and Force Staff, and the bots help me get a Duel victory! +18 damage!

We pick up top rax. Unfortunately, I get picked off, along with 3 of the bots, and the Radiant team pushes mid and gets rax. We chase I get close to dying, but ET saves me with a great Earth Splitter, and I get a duel victory.

ET bugs out near the secret shop, having bought a Talisman of Evasion, but is unable to sell items. Fortunately, KotL recalls him, but to his death.

I get a DD rune and we pick of Tide, but LC and PA get our top tier 3. We try to defend, but LC goes after our bot tier 3. The bots finish PA and we push down bot. We get the tier 3, but lose the entire team for it.

No tier 3 towers remain on the map. I buyback to stop LC from backdooring bot rax and we get Arc and PA, but LC manages to backdoor top rax with her 218 damage. She’s greedy and gets picked off by the bots though. She buys back, and I ping for the bots to defend our naked tier 3s, but they charge down mid lane, and KotL uses Recall on me. Tide walks into us for no reason and dies, so we pick up bot rax. The bots get BS and Arc, but LC manages to backdoor our bot rax, so both teams have megas.

We continue pushing their base (you can’t argue with a bot KotL). PA with a Divine Rapier ends up dying to the bots, and Gyro picks it up, but dies himself. LC tries to duel me, but once again KotL saves me and I get another Duel victory.

But our team dies for it. Bloodseeker Aghs is pretty annoying. They don’t push or Rosh, so we all e back, and farm up for a bit. KotL finds a lone Bloodseeker, and with Blinding Light and Recall (Vengeful Spirit), the three of us pick him off.

LC continues to try for a backdoor, but ET and Gyro are there, and she feeds Gyro a Duel victory. I end up cancelling my TP and pushing for the throne.

KotL helps me finish Arc and Tide. We push for the base, and with KotL getting a Blinding Light off on PA, we finish her. LC picks me off, but she and VS die to each other. Their throne is now naked. It’s 70 minutes in, I have 5k gold, but I hold off on buying back. LC tries to backdoor once again, but struggles to tank mega creeps and two towers’ worth of damage.

The Radiant gets Roshan while we push. PA picks up Aegis. I try to kill LC, but KotL Recalls me away. They go to dive the Radiant fountain while PA crits me to death.

Gyro cleans up, and I buyback to claim PA’s second life.

PA buysback, but Arc Warden feeds and Gyro picks off PA again, getting a rampage.

Gyro finally buys boots, going straight for Boots of Travel. LC tries to pick him off, but Gyro is just too strong. LC melts and we go for the throne.

I forgot to look at the graphs and scoreboard at the end, so it’s gone, but this was the ending screen.

D did give me my Boost bars, which I gave to Jal, but they were fun-sized ones!

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