Support Network

I have a friend at work who has a problem. While I was able to offer general advice and support, I was not equipped to solve said problem. Instead, I went to Mr Brioche, who I did think had the experience to solve the problem, and I relayed his advice back to my friend.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, if I were to win the lottery, I planned to fake my death, move to another country, open my mediocre cafe, and grant crappy wishes that people didn’t actually ask for (I forgot to mention the faking my death part in the post, but I think it’s an important factor, because I don’t want to have my time taken up by my past).

I never actually factored in the whole support network aspect. My friend moved to Australia with her husband, and no other family or friends. While I take for granted that if I need someone to drive me to the airport, or want some people to watch a movie with, I can just make a post on Facebook, she doesn’t have that luxury.

However, she was able to take advantage of my network.

I wonder if this is how some people contribute to society.

Sometimes I feel like I am like Don Corleone, in that I connect people with each other. I do things for people, who say they owe me a favour, and then I call in those favours to help out other people, earning me more favours. I don’t know what I’m meant to do with these favours, but sometimes I use some of these favours for questionable things just because I want to do something nice for someone I like.

Is this how someone turns into a mob boss? They start out just wanting to help their friends and family. Then someone gets into trouble, and they bend the rules a little to help them out. The next thing you know, you’re putting cement shoes on someone and half the police force owes you a marker.

Don Fodder. Sounds wrong.

I think I’ll just stick to listening to people’s relationship problems.

On that note, Special K was away today, so D was my surrogate female friend. He wasn’t very good at the job.

Me: How are you with relationship problems? Girl problems?

D: Divorce him and take half of his stuff. Next?

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