No-Tech Saturday

I mentioned over a week ago that I wanted to try going no-tech for 24-hours. I didn’t want to break my photo-a-day streak though, so I’ve pre-written this post.

A few people have asked what I mean by no-tech and it’s a really good question. There are a few obvious things: phone, computer, TV. After that, where do you draw the line at “technology”? My jacket is made of Gore-Tex, which makes it pretty high-tech. I told Mr Brioche about ruling out books, and he said that’s a dark age tech, so if I’m going that far back, I’d also be ruling out things like flushing toilets! Michael asked if I’d be giving up my glasses, and pointed out that my running shoes are also quite high tech. TS asked how I’d eat anything. Mr Brioche suggested I go and build a bonfire, and then hunt / fish for food and work out how to make a shelter.

A few people asked me to try and work out why I want to go no-tech, and once I figured that out, I could let that dictate what I would need to give up.

At first it was just to see if I could. I’m chained to a computer at work, and when I get home, I hop back on. I use my phone quite heavily, even though it’s mostly to take photos. Even when cooking, I often have the recipe open on my phone, use my phone as a timer, use my phone to look up imperial to metric conversions – lots of little things like that. I rarely read paper books anymore – even that has been replaced by electronic technology: the Kindle.

I’ve had a bit of a think about what I want to get out of this, and I think maybe my main goal is that I want to prove that I can entertain myself without relying on modern technology. I told Mr Brioche that I didn’t think he could survive a lunch without Michael, and he replied that he would be perfectly content just sitting there watching people. I know I am notorious for being a stalker, but I’ve never really sat down and done that before. I often grow bored after a few moments, and start to browse reddit, or read a book instead. I think Graham often gets frustrated when he’s with me because he points out all of these people and I haven’t noticed them at all.

With that in mind, here are the things I’m going to give up:

  • phone
  • computer
  • TV
  • Mi Band (just for the time / alarm capability)
  • car
  • dishwasher
  • ice-cream machine
  • electric kettle
  • microwave
  • aircon / heater
  • Kindle
  • credit / debit card
  • lights
  • scale
I thought about lights initially, but MrFodder would be home and I’d indirectly take advantage of the lights. However, he’s staying at a friend’s house tomorrow, so I’ll be able to do the lights one.
Mi Band is there because I want to see how I go when I have no idea what time it is.
The credit / debit card one is there just as a challenge – I currently have about $37 in my wallet, and we do have food in the house – at the very least, we have flour, water, yeast and margarine, so in the worst case, I can make myself some bread. With regards to the what will I eat question, I am allowing myself to go to the supermarket, or to a restaurant, if I choose to do so, but with only $37, I’ll have to be a bit more careful about how I spend my money. I am allowing myself to use the fridge / freezer, stove / oven, but without my phone as a timer, or a kitchen scale, I’m going to have to fight my scientific chef side and cook things without precise measurements. It’s going to be a struggle!
I am allowing myself to use pen and paper, so I’ll probably spend a lot of time writing about how horrible it was.
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