It’s Under 900! Game 2

This game was strange. Despite the fact that my MMR was around 800 at this point, the average MMR was 1590 / 1589, and the highest rated players were 2452 / 2301. I wasn’t even in queue for that long, and solo-queuing. Decided to go trusty Crystal Maiden again. We had me (safe), Spectre (safe), Sven (off), Ember Spirit (mid), Legion Commander (jungle) against Storm (mid), PA (safe), Bloodseeker (off), Jakiro (off), Nature’s Prophet (jungle).

I actually got dewarded in mid nearly right away. Sad times. :( Can’t be sloppy at 800 MMR! But I got Jakiro’s ward in return. Poor Spectre suffered for it though, and died to first blood. Spec asked for LC to join us in lane, but she died again, and we missed a kill because she missed her dagger. But… I stayed positive, and said “almost”, which Ember actually took as encouragement for him. We both died again, due to Spec being out of place again. I tried to explain to her that we couldn’t get a kill since neither of us do any damage.

Meanwhile, Sven is dying alone in top lane, and already calling gg 7 minutes into the game. Extra sad times. Score is 1-5.

Fortunately, the Dire team overextends, and we get some good kills with Spec ult, putting us at 6-9, and Sven is less salty. We later get our first Duel victory – hooray! I’ve noticed that the team is really good at escaping when ruptured. Much better than a lot of 2k players I’ve watched.

LC goes to Duel PA uphill with no vision, dying to Jakiro. I keep my cool, saying, “risky duel of the day! :)” We lose a bad fight at their shrine, however, the score is now 21-19, so it’s looking better!

We manage to kill almost all of their team in exchange for me, the team is outside the Dire base. You would think we would push, but nope. They want to go back to farming, with Ember being the only one to go uphill.

For some reason, PA is farming near our secret shop – super risky considering almost all of us were up.

At 28 minutes, both Sven and LC have shadow blades and I’m building glimmer cape. Nobody on the Dire team seems to be carrying dust, though Jakiro is trying to deward.

We pick off two heroes in mid lane at 32 minutes, and the rest fail to defend, so we finally break the base and pick up mid rax. Ember does a bit more trash talking. The team decides to fountain camp, rather than get top rax, and PA one-shots me. :(

I die to Storm while chasing after the Dire courier, but Ember kills him in return.

Me: thanks for avenging my death!
Ember: i gotchu babe

Oh no, I hope he doesn’t actually think I’m a girl. Even though I am. But the real account owner is not.

Anyway, we get top rax, and more fountain camping is done, with our entire team getting wiped. Fortunately, we still have glyph and 2 of our tier 2 towers left, so it’s unlikely we’ll lose at this point. Score is 39-30, with 9 of those deaths belonging to me.

Ember does a bit more trashtalking and pretends to disconnect, saying we’ve lost. I fall for it and pause the game… T_T

Ember, Spectre and I try to finish the game, but Sven decides to do Roshan instead, and LC is off pushing bot lane. Spec, Ember, Sven and I die.

Ember: we lost
Ember: g fucking g
Spec: wp

(LC gets bot rax while we’re off dying.)

Me: gw team!
Ember: you got our barracksd
Sven: bro we lost
Ember: noob sven

(LC duels them outside their fountain and dies.)

Sven: stfu
Ember: noob sven
Ember: report please
Bloodseeker: our PA dont  know how to play dota
Sven: u ahve escape and u fking die
Sven: wtf
Jakiro: no blame
Storm: our bs didn’t skill q till 11
Ember: they got orchid
Jakiro: no blame
Sven: not my fault
Jakiro: PMA
Sven: u dont have linkens or manta
Ember: yes it is
Sven: pfft
Sven noob
Me: come on, why are you two fighting? :(
Sven: bad item choice
Me: we are winning!
Me: got megas
Sven: cos he’s gay
Ember: nigga im straight
Sven: im buying rapier
Sven: im throwing
Ember: XD
Sven: fcck ember

(Ember dies to their whole team.)

Sven: noob
Ember: im throwing
Sven: good
Ember: you slut

Thankfully, Spectre is on board the win train, and we finally finish this game that went on far too long.

Then I’m greeted by the end screen, and Sven and Ember are in a party together!!!!!

I don’t think anyone in the game was amazingly bad. I do wonder about the age of some of these people though, as the amount of trashtalking, and calling people gay or talking about sex makes me question it. Though Spectre was really polite, and LC never said anything all game, so it’s probably just the loud people that give the impression of immaturity. Jakiro seemed to be playing diplomat for the Dire team. Maybe it’s just a support hero thing – trying to keep the peace.

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