The Little Things – Twistto

After the Bastille Day Festival, A and I made the short walk to the Queen Victoria Market. I don’t know if this is just something that people who work in technology do (as MrFodder does it, too), but one of the things we did as we were walking around was looking at how all the various stalls operate.

If you haven’t heard of it, Twistto are these Korean twisted, fried, battered potatoes on a giant skewer, which they often coat in a flavoured salt. They’re incredibly delicious, although it can get quite difficult to eat in the middle. It’s $7 for one potato skewer. I think they seem to have a permanent store at the Queen Vic Market, and they tend to pop up at various festivals, too, especially Asian themed ones.

So there’s one guy who puts a peeled potato into a machine and turns a handle which creates that twisted shape. Then a woman picks up the cut potato and spreads it out on a skewer. A man grabs that and coats it in a batter in one pan, and allows the excess to drip off into another pan. Then he drops it into a vat of frying oil, where a guy allows it to fry for a bit, then puts it into a different vat, before removing it. A woman coats it in whatever salt is required and hands it out.

First of all, the guy doing the potato cutting has to reach across the potato spreading woman to reach the peeled potatoes, then she reaches across him to grab the cut potatoes. They could just swap the position of both boxes so neither has to reach across the other.

The same thing with the man doing the batter – he pulls it out and batters it in the box to his right, then allows it to drip in the box on his left, then raises it over the box on his right and puts it into the vat. It would be more efficient to swap those two boxes, too!

It’s not a huge difference, but sometimes it’s about the little things you can change – a few minutes saved every day can add up.

Stay tuned for the day after tomorrow’s post… about doughnuts!

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