The Taste Test

10 minutes to write this post.

I am a mushroom hater. Well, I’m the kind of person who would pick mushrooms off a pizza.

But as I was cooking my dinner, I smelled the mushrooms I started salivating.

I was a ridiculously picky eater as a kid, and that’s something that lasted the most of my life. The only reason I started eating other foods was because I started eating out with people outside my family, and it became a struggle between my hatred of new foods, and my desire not to be rude, or considered weird. I did develop a strategy though – I would eat all the new and potentially yucky things first, and then I would leave the things I knew I’d like until the end, so I could cleanse the bad taste out if required.

I think I would describe myself as a cautious eater now – I’m OK with trying new things, but would play it safe when it comes to new cuisines.

And as for mushrooms, they’re growing on me. Like a fungus.

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