Impress Me

This might be the dorkiest thing I’ve ever admitted in a blog post, so please don’t laugh too much!

I’ve been thinking of organising a talent show at work. As I’ve gotten to know my new team a bit more, I’ve realised that there are so many people in the team with amazing talents, and because work is work, nobody really gets to know these things. We have team meetings all the time, and the information is important, but it can get a little dry sometimes.

This got me thinking about what my talent could be. I still haven’t answered that question, but that led me to think what I would like my talent to be. What would be the thing that would impress me the most?

After watching Let It Go, from the movie Frozen, sung in 25 different languages (YouTube link), it rekindled my love for Disney music, but I also thought it was one of the most amazing videos I’d ever seen. Now…. imagine if one person could do them all. Not quite all, but Saara Aalto manages 15 languages. I guess it doesn’t mean she needs to know all those languages. The woman who sung the song in my farewell video said she is often asked to do music for cultural events, and she just asks them to break all the notes down into the phonetic characters, and she sings based on that.

Ignoring the fact that I can’t sing at all, I decided that I wanted to start collecting Disney songs in other languages. There was that short-lived moment of jubilation when I found out I could listen to them on Spotify, only to find out that most of the songs weren’t available in Australia. :(

This is the beginning of my collection. I’ll ask GD if he can get me some Japanese ones next time he visits Tokyo. The one that I’m looking forward to the most is the German and Italian ones, but I’m waiting for Captain to reconcile with his cousin so she can send them to me.

I don’t really know what’s so impressive about it, but I think it’d be something awesome to be able to do. I particularly like A Whole New World in other languages (, though it might just be because it’s one of my favourite songs.

Then there’s I See the Light

And Reflection

I’m going to be here all night at this rate….

And here’s a small collation of Disney songs sung in their “native” language:

And Jackie Chan singing Make a Man Out of You So good! And him singing it in Cantonese, and performing, too!

Maybe wasting my night watching YouTube videos is my talent! I think the Chinese versions of songs has moved up my priority list.

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