Return of the Cookie Monster

I did resolve not to bake cookies for OCD, because I thought it’d be creepy.


We were playing a bot match in Dota 2: me, OCD and D. I was Enchantress (mid), OCD was Legion Commander (bot) and D was Lich (top), on the Radiant team. D and OCD never seem to buy the courier, and the last time I played with them, I started the rule that the first person to die has to buy the courier. Well, being mid with no courier sucks, so I bought the courier, and said the first person to die must upgrade it.

OCD started joking that it’d be D for sure, and we both started saying he was going to die first. OCD then made a bet, saying he would buy D a quarter pounder if he didn’t die first. D accepted right away, saying that a bot would probably die first, so it was an easy bet to win. OCD and I argued that it was the first person to die, so that didn’t count bots. I was about to kill Pugna in mid, when we were debating it, so I pulled back and stopped.

We continued to debate it, with D finally agreeing that it was real people only. So I went for the Pugna kill, miscalculated, and died to the tower + nether ward damage (healing myself was a mistake).

D didn’t even realise I had died, that’s how bad he is…. ~_~ I pointed it out, and apologised to OCD for making him lose a quarter pounder.

So I had an excuse to bake him cookies in a non-creepy way.

Though to be honest, I’ve found the sheen of spending time with him has worn off, and he’s no longer the amazing person I thought him to be. Maybe it’s because Soulcry is back, and the bar has been raised again.

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