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Baby, Baby, Baby, No

Today was another early lunch day, so I messaged my 11:30AM lunch crew, except once again, it was delayed until 12PM and I was pretty hungry. I’m going to need to find a new early lunch group. :( But that … Continue reading

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Undercover Agents

Had our first housewarming-ish party today, which also doubled as my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday celebration somehow? It was nice to have my siblings over to play games. I think Codenames was an interesting game to play with the people present. The … Continue reading

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Family, Duty, Honour

I just read the most interesting story I’ve seen so far on /r/relationships. With update here: TL;DR: OP is about to have dinner at her mother’s house, but overhears her stepfather calling her husband and her, “The pig and … Continue reading

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I’m Not Going

I think I had my first nearly-Bridezilla moment on Sunday. Responses to our wedding invitation are starting to come in. Some of my family members aren’t able to make it because they’re too old and don’t feel comfortable making the … Continue reading

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I grew up poor, but my parents never made me feel that way. It’s just small things that I remember now that all add up. Like how my parents almost never gave us money to buy lunch at school, and … Continue reading

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One thing I did get out of our failed tournament participation was that I found out that my brother is playing for a professional DotA 2 team. In fact, they were invited to The International – and if Valve is … Continue reading

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(E) The Solution

Now for the second, emo part. You’ve been warned! (It’s a pretty long a boring post, so I don’t hold it against you if you don’t want to read it.) Some people may recall the family drama that happened a while … Continue reading

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Leaving the Nest

In July last year, MrMan5.5 put a dead spider on my sister as a joke, and she completely freaked out and got really angry at him. Not long afterwards, she stopped talking to me. For some unknown reason, she started … Continue reading

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Sore Winner

I don’t like to win. Well, more specifically, I don’t like to win when playing against people I know. Which isn’t a problem, as it doesn’t happen very often anyway, but I think that I am a bad winner. I … Continue reading

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Fickle As A Fish

Woman is always fickle – foolish is he who trusts her. -Francis I  When I was in primary school, I remember this fish made of cellophane that was supposed to tell you how much in love you were depending on … Continue reading

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